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My visit to NRA HQ

Ed Friedman, Associate Editor of the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated magazine and gun blogger, was kind enough to organize for me a tour of the NRA. I had the pleasure of meeting most the editors for the Shooting Illustrated, American Hunter, American Rifleman and [Read More…]

Back from holiday

I am back from holiday for a few days. I had a crazy time. I managed to crash my car on a mountain pass after the weather turned foul. I thank the Lord I am alive. I am fine, but my car is not. Just a heads up – I will be traveling later in […] Read [Read More…]

Ruger’s YouTube channel

Unbeknown to me, Ruger has had a Youtube channel since May of this year. Last week they started a series on the history of firearms. The first episode, about early hand cannons, “aired” last week and is worth watching. Also online are Part 2 and Part 3.

Full-auto crossbow

This is a very nifty invention. The inventor seems to have used a magazine and bolt design similar to the ancient Chinese repeating crossbows. From the inventors website … The specification I devised called for a full auto-firing rate of 1 bolt per second; with [Read More…]