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Guide part ARs are the legos of the rifle world... DEFENCE SERVICES ASIA: A TOUR WITH PEW DOODLES Beginners Makarov Kalashnikov Concern Launches The 200-Series of AK Rifles (1) FATHER’S DAY 2018: A Buying Guide For Everyone Night Fighter

Alliance PD Shoot House

Nestled in small Alliance, Ohio is the Alliance Police Training Range. One of the main attractions at the Alliance facility is the 8,100 square foot 360 degree shoot house. The Alliance PD Range was established to provide quality training to military, law enforcement, [Read More…]

Larry Vickers Shoots Integrally Suppressed AMB-17 and Some History Behind Russian 9×39 weapons

A few weeks ago, I had a pleasure of working with Larry Vickers on his trip to Russia. He had a unique chance to check out some of the newer Russian weapons, we visited some amazing museums and saw some incredible weapon collections. I wanted to highlight some weapons [Read More…]

STRYK B pistol. Picture courtesy of Arsenal Firearms Memorial Day 2018: Remembering The Missing And The Fallen Abloy Protec PL330 affixed to one of the metal-lined hasps on the Explorer Case 5833 Russian Prototype OTs-128 Belt-Fed Machine Gun (1) Economic Growth Impact of Firearms Industry by State. Source: