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Shooting Non-Newtonian Fluids

Science is awesome. Yes, that is a blanket statement but when one realizes that firearms would not exist without it and that because of it development continues to advance does one truly appreciate it. Or, one can appreciate it without going all wax nostalgic. Shooting [Read More…]

SHF SBS green ruger Ruger revolver Ed Brown 1911

Ed Brown Unique Guns

Ed Brown Products, Inc. has been in the firearms business for about 40 years. The company is known for making high end 1911 pistols and parts. The company is now showing off some unique guns that it has built. According to the company, these pistols were built with a [Read More…]

Walther Q5 Match Walther Q5 Match

Walther Q5 Match

In December of 2015, news of a new competition pistol from Walther slipped out. Now, the gun is ready for prime time and will be available in stores by the middle of this month. Called the Q5 Match, the new 9mm handgun is designed for high end performance in [Read More…]

Wilson Combat CQB