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Flying with Guns

I routinely follow the TSA Blog. I travel for work and get to interact with the airline industry more often than I would like. What I find super entertaining is the “Week in Review” that they publish where they share all of the silly things that people attempt to [Read More…]

Shooting with your Feet?

I’ve seen some astonishing feats by disabled shooters with firearms, from double amputees, blind shooters, or a form of therapy, but in my opinion this one is up there among the best and might just take the cake. This video was posted by a Facebook group called [Read More…]

Federal ammo

Identilock Smart Gun Technology

Smart guns are at the front of the gun industry’s mind right now. This is due in large part to Obama’s recent order that the Department of Defense, Justice Department, and Department of Homeland Security must come up with a viable plan to speed along the [Read More…]


TFBTV SHOT Show Preview: Hands on with the New Springfield Stainless Range Officer 1911

As many readers will know, Springfield has wasted no time in 2016 with a salvo of daily launches of new products in the first quarter of the year. Today, January 10, Springfield officially unveils the new stainless steel Range Officer 1911 in 9mm and .45ACP. Springfield was kind enough to send James [Read More…]