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Former US Army infantryman, lifelong hunter and hobby/sport shooter. Perpetual firearms student, always seeking to become better and learn more. Interested in all shooting disciplines and passionate about all kinds of guns. Contact on Instagram: @WillTFB

SIG Sauer has introduced an X-Change kit to convert your P365 into a P365XL. Davidson's has added Hoppe's to the many brands they carry and distribute. Trijicon has issued their own statement about the settled patent infringement lawsuit against Holosun. The RSR Group aims to help supply firearms dealers with an E-Show from September 15th to the 18th. Davidson's, Colt, and Baron Engraving have announced a new 1911 tribute to Samuel Colt. Primary Arms is now shipping new and improved versions of their SLx 3x and 5x prism scopes. The Hungarian-made GM6 Lynx .50-cal is now being imported into the US. SHOT Show 2021 will feature plenty of hand sanitizer, thanks to a new sponsorship from Otis Technologies. Boyds Gunstocks now offers aftermarket furniture for the Steyr Zephyr II.

Boyds Adds Gunstock Support for Steyr Zephyr II Bolt-Action

When shooters hear the name Steyr Arms, most probably think of the AUG right away. The iconic Austrian bullpup’s distinctive aesthetics are hard to forget, after nearly half a century it’s still in use by a host of military and police units around the globe, [Read More…]

SAR USA, the American partner for Turkey's Sarsilmaz, has announced a production increase. Boyds Gunstocks is being recognized by South Dakota's state government for their commitment to provide employment for people with disabilities. Trijicon has issued their own statement about the settled patent infringement lawsuit against Holosun. An in-depth, hands-on look at one of Holosun's new slimmer pistol red dots, the 507K. Meet the new Nightstick TSM-11G light/laser for certain Glocks. Shield Sights introduces an updated RMSc: their collaborative new Glock edition. Comp-Tac has added Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ support to five of their holster models.

Comp-Tac Adds Holster Support for M&P9 Shield EZ

Houston, Texas-based Comp-Tac Victory Gear had already been producing a variety of holster types, as well as other gun-related gear, for many years before they were purchased by HSGI in 2017. Since this merger, they have continued to expand their product lines and offer [Read More…]

Nye County, Nevada's Sheriff's deputies will soon begin using Viridian's FACT cameras. USCCA introduces a new emergency preparedness training program. Introducing the new Smart Torq from Real Avid.

Real Avid Releases New Smart Torq Precision Driver

Real Avid, some of the firearms industry’s top tool-masters, produce a host of excellent products to help home gunsmiths. These DIY gurus offer tools like the Master Sight Pusher, the Level-Right Pro precision reticle level, a comprehensive AR-15 armorer’s [Read More…]

The NSSF reports that almost five million Americans have become first-time gun owners this year. Primary Arms now offers a spectrum of FN America's AR barrels. Watch Hollywood gun guru Larry Zanoff share his expertise via Facebook and YouTube on August 22nd. Primary Arms has announced a new rewards program they're calling "Bonus Bucks". Viridian and Real Avid have announced a new partnership.

Viridian and Real Avid Announce New Partnership

Viridian Weapon Technologies has been in business for a little over fourteen years. In that time, they have grown from offering a green aiming laser for pistol-mounted applications to providing a broad spectrum of weapon-mounted lasers and other accessories, as well as [Read More…]

Derringer-dealing Bond Arms has issued a press release declaring their Backup model as a "best seller". Savage Arms, manufacturer of numerous shotguns and rifles like this Model 110 Hunter, is releasing a new video series. Introducing Primary Arms Optics' newest LPVO, the SLx 1-6x SFP with Aurora ACSS reticle. Galco Gunleather recommends carrying extra ammo, and they offer a menu of options to this end. This extra-crispy Sightmark optic was the only piece of gear to survive an accidental police vehicle fire. Meet the new Master Sight Pusher tool from Real Avid.