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Lifelong hobby/sport shooter and hunter, former US Army infantryman, perpetual firearms student. Always seeking to become better and learn more. Interested in all shooting disciplines and passionate about all kinds of guns. Contact on Instagram: @WillTFB

What is likely the best 10-round group in benchrest match history was shot by Charles Greer in February. Mad Pig Customs has taken their modernized lever-action game to the next level, with this 3-stamp "Fudd Breaker". Vickers Tactical has announced Hendrick Porsche as their YouTube channel's newest sponsor. 3D printing for tacti-cool beverages: the future is now. According to horror genre author Stephen King, there are three types of terror. This thing is all of them. After its initial SHOT 2020 announcement, Griffin Armament's GP-N has just officially been released. Arson Machine Co. is looking to make cable management a breeze with their WireGuide System. Remington Ammunition has received some recent website updates. Dead Air Sandman-S Suppressor in Limited-Run FDE (1) General Miller, America's highest-ranking officer in Afghanistan, is clearly not simply signing out any old sidearm from the armory. If you were hoping for ammo prices to come back down anytime soon, bad news... Introducing SIG SAUER's newest addition to the TREAD series: the M400 Predator. Meet Cloud Defensive's new scout-style weaponlight, the REIN. If you've ever wondered how the ATF makes their calls, MAF Corp. has the answer. Bear Hyde gun cases are made from carbon fiber, chosen for its ultralight properties. Primary Arms came to GunFest with three of their newest optics, including the MD-25 red dot pictured here. Burris Optics came to GunFest to discuss three of their red dots, including the FastFire 4 pictured here. At our recent GunFest event, Blue Force Gear dropped knowledge bombs in a class on sling optimization, and it quickly helped improve the TFB staff's shooting. [TFB GUNFEST] Century Arms Thunder Ranch AK-47 (1) The Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro at TFB and TFBTV's Gun Fest 2021. F-1 Firearms has a new line of suppressors, and three models are now available from Silencer Shop. Photonis Defense has announced a new night vision product line, the PD-PRO series. Krieghoff announces their Galapagos Island-themed Gun of the Year. Aimpoint Releases Vickers Tactical Limited-Edition T-2 Red Dot Sightmark has added a new riflescope to their lineup, intended for deer hunting. Lancer Systems has announced that Laugo Arms' export license has been issued, so Alien pistols are finally on the way. Meet the Hyperion and Hyperion K suppressors from CGS Group. One of the two screen-used Walther PPs used by Sean Connery in "Dr. No" will be auctioned in December. The SIG SAUER Academy may soon be getting a $13.5MM addition that would serve to improve their already-stellar training complex in Epping, NH. TNVC to host virtual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoors, & Tactical Tele-Event, or vSHOTT event in January 2021.