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[SHOT 2020] Innovative Arms Integral CZ Scorpion

[SHOT 2020] Innovative Arms Integral CZ Scorpion Suppressor

Innovative Arms is a manufacturer of many types and styles of firearms suppressors. Innovative arms came out this year with a new take on their Innovative Arms Integral CZ Scorpion Evo which has now been shortened by two inches and features an improved heat dissipation [Read More…]

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[SHOT 2020] Beretta’s 21A Bobcat will Soon Come with a Threaded Barrel

The Beretta 21A Bobcat has been a long-time favorite of rimfire shooters and Beretta firearm fams alike. This year at SHOT Show they unveiled what many people have been itching for – a threaded barrel version of the 21A Bobcat. Soon you will be able to mount your [Read More…]

[SHOT] INFORCE Machined Aluminum Line [SHOT 2020] Leapers UTG Ruger Leather Magazine Pouches

[SHOT 2020] Custom Leather Releases Two New Ruger Magazine Pouches

Custom Leather is a Canadian manufacturer of leather hunting and law enforcement accessories. Custom Leather is licensed to manufacture leather hunting accessories for Ruger and this year at SHOT 2020 they’ve released two Ruger Leather Magazine Pouches. One pouch [Read More…]

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