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The Remington Rolling Block Rifle

The Remington Rolling Block was a huge commercial success back in its day, and is often referred to as the gun that saved Remington (which was in dire financial straights in years following the Civil War). This simple, strong design was sold to over 40 nations and continued to serve on into World [Read More…]

Type 38 Arisaka Run and Gun

The Japanese Arisaka rifles are famous for being ludicrously strong, and the Type 38 was proven to be the strongest of the lot by various post WWII tests. However, does a strong action alone mean that the rifles are fantastic? Well, we take a nice example of a Type 38 to the run and gun […] [Read More…]

Top 5 WWII Rifles

The nations engaged in World War II all fielded one or more main infantry rifle, and in this episode of TFBTV, we take a look at five that we believe to be the best. Remember this is a list of rifles, so submachineguns, machine guns, assault rifles, and so on are not included. Transcript … [Read More…]

Swedish Mauser Run and Gun

The Mauser series of rifles are some of the finest that have ever graced the earth, and there is a debate among some enthusiasts as to which is better: the 98 or 96. While the 96 rifles cock on close, we have run a 98 as well on the course. In this run and gun, […] Read More …

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