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Multi-Function End Plate Extended Magazine Plate for Heckler & Koch VP9

Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate for Heckler & Koch VP9

Heckler & Koch recently announced a few new models of their extremely popular VP9 pistol at GunFest 2021. With more options, the potential for more buyers and more customization increases. One of the most practical upgrades one might make to their VP9 is adding [Read More…]

GEN5 Magwell

[SHOT 2021] New from Strike Industries – GEN5 Magwell for Glock G5 19/23

When the Gen5 Glocks were announced, reactions were a mixed bag. Some people welcomed changes like the flared magwell, while others either didn’t want it or thought it wasn’t enough. Well, for the people who wanted more flare in their lives, a new option now [Read More…]

Plate for SIG Strike O.D. Green AR Bundle 9mm buffer Strike Industries AR Overmolded Enhanced Pistol Grip OMPG (111) LITESLIDE Strike Industries Angled Vertical M-LOK Grip with Cable Management Feature (26) Strike Industries SIEGEN Rail Covers (1) Strike Industries STRIKE 80 Compact Pistol Frame Kit (11) Strike Industries CZ Scorpion EVO Accessories - Pistol Grip and Selector Switch (1) Slide Adapter Plate LINK Tripod Adaptor HK416 22LR Strike Industries Miller Comp (10) Strike Industries Quick Detach Sling Loop (1) [SHOT 2020] Strike Industries Sentinel Rifle, G19 Frame, P320 Grip Module, Scouter (1)

[SHOT 2020] Strike Industries Sentinel Rifles, G19 80% Frame, P320 Grip Module, Scouter Sight, Scorpion Parts, and More

Last year, Strike Industries released over 50 new products – that’s one new product per week on average. And looks like in 2020 the mad scientists at the SI R&D department are going to keep that insane rate. Let’s take a look at each of the new [Read More…]

Strike Industries Colby Duty Belt Strike Industries Polyflex Slide Backplate for Glock Pistols (1)