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Friday Night Lights: Tricked-Out Spotting Scopes TFB REVIEW: MAVEN Spotting Scope - The CS.1 Variable Power Vortex introduces their four new Diamondback HD spotting scopes. santiam

[SHOT 2018] Kinetic Development Group’s SIDELOK for RMR and Versatile Spotting Scope Mount

Kinetic Development Group, known for working on SCAR accessory upgrades, is introducing an RMR mount for their product family of SIDELOK optics mounts. The SIDELOK sets itself apart from other mounts in its class by having the ability to be pressed on and off a [Read More…]

Meopta MeoPro HD 80 Spotting Scope

New from Meopta USA is the MeoPro HD 80 Spotting Scope. It is a premium low light spotting scope with a large 80mm objective lens made from fluoride glass (an expensive type of glass that prevents chromatic aberrations). It has the same basic design as the Meopta [Read More…]

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