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[SHOT 2018] Springfield Armory’s NEW SAINT Edge, AR-15 Pistol & More Glorious 6.5 Creedmoor

If you did not have the opportunity to visit Springfield Armory at SHOT Show in the convention center, they had a sprawling booth with enough firearms to make you contemplate getting a 2nd job. From 1911s to 911s to XD(M)s to AR-15s to M1As, they had their square [Read More…]

Survivor System

Springfield Armory SAINT M-LOK Now Legal for the California Republic with Survivor System Stock

The Springfield Armory SAINT has found considerable attention and buyers in what is a very soft modern sporting rifle market. First, introduced with a Keymod forearm. Then, offered with a free-float M-LOK handguard as to not ignore the M-LOK fan base. Last, but not [Read More…]