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Strike Barrel Mischief Machine P365XL Billet Grip Module Alpha Series Available Now! Gold Barrels Sauer P365 Build Your Dream P365 With the SIG Custom Works P365 FCU TFB Review: SIG Sauer's New P365X Pistol SIG's P365 Family History and Current Variants New IWB Slim-Tuk Holster for TLR-6 Equipped SIG P365 Pistols SIG Sauer has introduced an X-Change kit to convert your P365 into a P365XL. Custom shop Rival Arms is expanding their product offerings to support Sig P320 and P365 handguns.

Rival Arms Announces Upgrade Parts for SIG P320 and P365 Pistols

Texas-based Rival Arms has made their name primarily as a Glock shop. While they do offer a handful of products for other firearms, like barrels for some Smith & Wesson handguns and a Ruger 10/22 chassis, the majority of their offerings to date have been Glock parts [Read More…]

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