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Introducing the Unbranded AR UAR Standard AR-15 Lower Receiver Genuine Armalite M15 Pegasus Lower Receiver Kits Now Available! Sharps Bros SHOWDOWN Lower Receiver (1) AR Lower Receiver Block JTAC Stribog Bullpup Lower The New REDACTED Upper and Lower Receivers from Zev Technologies AR15 Disassembly Matador Arms AR9 80% 9mm Lower Receivers (4) Sharps Bros Forged Livewire AR-15 Lower Receiver (13) SilencerCo has announced a promotion for their SCO15 AR-15 lower receivers, running until September 10, 2021. ROAM R-10 Magnesium Alloy AR-10 Lower Receivers (1) [SHOT 2020] USAC AR-15 Lower Receiver with Built-in Receiver Tensioning System (1) KE Arms KP-15 polymer lower Lingle Industries BREAK (1) sco15 Betsy Ross Lower Receiver snek themed AR-15 lower Cobalt Kinetics 50 State Legal Forged Upper Conversion Kit Lower Receiver (1) Pineapple Grenade Sharps Bros Livewire AR-15 Lower Receiver (3) S226 Snowflake Ruger AR-Lower Receiver