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DIY Home Made 9mm Carbine Pistol

AK Custom took a paintball grip and built a 9mm carbine pistol around it using supplies from a local hardware store. On a Pistol Caliber Carbine group, that I am a member of, there was some discussion about the legality of this build. From the video it looks like [Read More…]


Home Made HK P7 HCA

Albanian member prestonlennox recently published photos and videos of a home made HK P7 “half cock action” (HCA) pistol.  Working on rumors of a new Heckler & Koch striker-fired pistol, the poster took a Umarex SP9 and Browning HP parts to make [Read More…]

Home made five barrel shotgun

Xavier has a write of an an amazing five barrel shotgun made in Czechoslovakia. Looks like a similar concept as the Winchester Liberator and Colt Defender Eight barreled 20 gauge Colt Defender Mark 1 Read it here.

Homemade decorative gun cabinet Homemade modifications of S&W 625 JM homemade pistol in Ukraine Chambers was arrested for possessing 3 unregistered DIAS

Sweden: Home-made gun case

In Sweden a 48 year old activist is suspected to have built a special case to house a handgun, among other illegal activities. There are some similarities with the HK MP5k suitcase (reviewed here by TFB’s Nicholas C), but the home built version pictured looks a [Read More…]

Revolver Project Homemade Non-Reciprocating Forward Charging Handle for Blowback AK PCCs (8)