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Ruger Releases Jeff Quinn Memorial GP100 Revolver Ruger GP100 Ruger SUPER GP100 Custom Shop Competition Revolver Now Available in 9mm Luger (1) Ruger SP101 field strip Ruger Super GP100 Competition Hybrid Revolver (660) 10mm Auto Ruger GP100

Ruger GP100 in .22 LR

Sturm, Ruger & Co. introduced a new GP100 revolver chambered for the classic .22 LR. The new rimfire wheelgun will operate much the same as the other current production GP100 revolvers, but with a few changes and an increased price tag. The new guns will hold 10 [Read More…]

For those readers that haven't taken the leap, let us know what's held you back. Let’s dig in to the top 5 reasons you should get a revolver! Ruger SP101 Review What We Love About Revolvers Single action? Cylinder cleaning should be easy! Space Force 6 revolver Uncle Fudd's Space Cowboy Revolver Bianchi Universal Revolver Holster STP LODUR (1) The 18-Shot Revolver of Maximilian I of Mexico (1) Elmer Keith Colt SAA (1) Ruger Announces LCP II 22LR Threaded Barrel Kit lend-lease S&W Victory revolver new revolvers Korth Ranger on a book. super wrangler VZ Grips Ruger SP101 grips Best Revolvers TFBirthday

Happy TFBirthday! A Dozen Great Years

Twelve years ago today, The Firearm Blog opened its doors to the world with one main objective: to provide factual information about guns without all the usual tribal political debates that tend to follow. Our founder, Steve Johnson, had a unique vision that would bring [Read More…]