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NEW: Mossberg 940 Autoloading Competition Shotgun Platform Beretta DT11 Black PRO (1) iron competition shotgun

Iron Armi Competition Shotgun

Italian manufacturer Iron Armi displayed the Iron Competition 12/76 shotgun at the recent IWA Outdoor Classics show in Germany. This 12-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun was purpose built for competition sports, and was built in partnership with Toni System. The most [Read More…]

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[SHOT 2019] News at the Beretta Booth, Shotguns and Handguns

Beretta shotguns have been around for a while through the 1301 Tactical line, currently available in a number of finishes and configurations. But most recently Beretta partnered up with Aridus Industries out of Pennsylvania in order to bring to industry an upgraded version of the 1301 Tactical but [Read More…]