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POTD: Live-fire with the 84mm M2 Carl Gustaf K-pist model 45 carl gustaf Kurbits Sthlm LVF US Army Buys Aimpoint FCS13-RE Sights for Carl Gustaf M3-E1 MAAWS Recoilless Rifles (1)

US Army Approves Lightweight 84mm M3E1 Carl Gustaf Recoilless Rifle for Procurement

Good things come in lightweight, 84mm packages: Following its fielding of the M3 MAAWS last year, the US Army has announced its decision to sole-source 1,111 improved lightweight M3E1 MAAWS recoilless rifles from Saab Dynamics, in a listing at The new weapon is [Read More…]

M4 Carl gustaf latvia SAAB Signs $55 Million Carl-Gustaf M4 Launcher Contract with Undisclosed Customer 660 swedish k POTD: M27 IAR - Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force The Guns of Battlefield 2042: New and Old Friends on the Battlefield Aimpoint will deliver additional FCS13RE sights to the US Army, Marine Corps, and SOCOM.

POTD: Fire-and-Forget Javelin

In today’s Photos we can see the anti-tank missile of the FGM-148 Javelin being fired in various situations. The system is man-portable and Made in the USA. The user can take cover once the missile has been fired, as the system uses an automatic infrared guidance [Read More…]