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The Helix 6 Precision Pre-Fit Upgrade for the Ruger Precision Rifle savage barrel Bartlein Barrels Carbon POTD Wolfpack Armory AK with Carbon Fiber Barrel Weatherby Mark V Carbonmark

A Closer Look Into The CROM PCC Chassis, .500 Blackout, Carbon Fiber Armor

Last week I posted some pictures of Condition Red Ordnance Mfg (CROM) new milled chassis for the Ruger PCC. I looked them up and found out that they are local to me so I reached out to them. They invited me over to take a look at their Ruger PCC Chassis, .500 Blackout [Read More…]

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Faxon Introduces Carbon Fiber Handguard, Low Profile Brakes and Flash Hiders | SHOT 17

Barrel and rifle manufacturer Faxon Firearms shared a partition with magazine manufacturer Lancer Systems, with whom they are partnered. One of their first shared projects was on display: An M-LOK compatible carbon fiber handguard for AR-15 rifles, which are [Read More…]