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[SHOT Show 2020] Magnum Research Custom 1911 Handguns and Biggest Finest Revolver

This year Magnum Research is bringing their custom 1911s to the market with a Crusader and a Viking-themed 1911, in addition to their Presidential Donald Trump Desert Eagle. We were told that the Presidental handgun will be sent to the Donal Trump Presidental Library collection. The Crusader and [Read More…]

[SHOT 2020] Trump Thompson ZEV OZ9 Rex silentium

Black Friday Coupons

As usual, the best deals can be found at SlickGuns, but here are a few coupon code deals that have landed on my desk: Cabela’s: • Pre-Black Friday Daily Deals + free shipping on $49 with code 4GIFTS (ends 11/26) • Up to 60% off Thanksgiving Day Sale + free [Read More…]