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AK47 vs. Galil ACE vs. Mini-30: Accuracy and Comparison of Three 7.62×39 Combat-Ready Rifles

In this episode of TFBTV, James gives you a quick rundown and comparison of three popular 7.62×39 piston operated rifles: The Zastava “Yugo” M70 (i.e. the “AK-47”), the IWI Galil ACE, and the Ruger Mini-30. After a brief overview of these guns, James puts these rifles in [Read More…]


AK47 ID Playing Cards

Gunwebsites has a kickstarter to fund making identification playing cards, similar to the old aircraft identification playing cards, but with AK style rifles printed on them. If you are interested in supporting them, you can go to their kickstarter page.

AK47 Pushup

Instructor Zero shows off some “Russian” pushups while utilizing his AK47. I am impressed the gun seems to hold up well as well as the magazine. What I would have liked to have seen is Instructor Zero shooting that AK47 after he did some pushups off of it. [Read More…]

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