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Royal Marines with Heckler & Koch G36 SA80 Exercise LION STAR storm barra SA80 A2 / L85A2 with ELCAN SpecterOS SA80 Full Auto SA80 A2 at eFP Battle Group Estonia Welsh Guards Armoury Upgrade - Heckler & Koch SA80 A3 POTD: Falkland Islands Defence Force - SA80 SA80 rifle Upgrade SA80 rifle Upgrade SA80 rifle Upgrade SA80A3 suppressed SA80

SA80 in Bolivia

German newspaper published this photo of a Bolivian special forces solider carrying a SA80 rifle. Bolivia is only one of two users of SA80 outside of Britain, the other being Jamaica. The solider in the above photo looks a lot less frightening than the [Read More…]

Bolivian Police armed with SA80

I was surprised to learn that Bolivian police use the British SA80 assault rifle. This makes Bolivia the only other country aside from the UK and Jamaica to make use of the SA80. The below photo shows members of the now disbanded Bolivian special police Unit for the [Read More…]

Build your own Enfield SA80 (soon)

Prexis plans on selling a US made kit version of the Enfield L85 / SA80. The PL85 kit contains all the parts needed to build the rifle. The catch? The lower receiver which will require bending into shape. I have no word on pricing or when this kit will be on sale. Refer [Read More…]

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