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Top 5 Rifles Of NRA 2019

Here are the Top 5 Rifles from the NRAAM 2019 (according to Joel). We’ve got everything from a $399.00 22LR all the way to a precision rifle that can cost upwards of $12,000! See which gun comes out on top. Leave your comments if you agree or disagree. ««« PATREON GIVEAWAYS »»» Go to [Read More…]

[NRA 2019] 22LR Mini Mosin Nagant, Precision Rifle Trainer And More

At the 2019 NRA National Meeting, Brannon LeBouef meets with the guys from Keystone Sporting Arms, most famous for their Cricket and Chipmonk line of youth model single shot .22LR rifles, about some new offers. The highlight was the new “Mini-Mosin.” This is a .22LR replica of a Mosin [Read More…]

full conceal aluminum warthog victor 308 Apc9 Pro eo tech vudu t-series advance micro mini mosin

[NRA 2019] Beretta 92X and APX Carry

At the Beretta booth, there were a few different examples of new guns from Beretta. The booth was often busy with people waiting in line to look at both new pistols but they were well worth the wait to check out the newest examples Beretta has to offer. The 92X Beretta [Read More…]