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[SIG Sauer 2023] SIG Sauer MCX Spear in 6.5 Creedmoor (2) SILENCER SATURDAY #248: SIG Sauer MCX Virtus, MCX-Spear LT, and SLX762QD-C Rifle Suppressor TFB FIRST LOOK: Introducing the New 5.56 SIG MCX SPEAR-LT SIG Sauer Unveils the NEW MCX Spear-LT Series of Pistols and Rifles The New MCX Zero Retention Clamp (ZRC) SD from Arisaka Defense New SIG MCX Canebrake Pellet Air Rifle - Canebrake on a Budget?

[SIG Sauer 2023] SIG Sauer’s Next Generation Rifle Has a NEW Name

Ahead of this year’s SHOT Show SIG Sauer held an independent range day at the Clark County Shooting Complex putting on some impressive defense capability demonstration and showcasing their current range of firearms, optics and accessories. The defense capability [Read More…]

US Army Discusses NGSW US Army Set To Procure 30,000 Next Generation Squad Weapons in 2023 SILENCER SATURDAY #220: The SIG SLX 5.56 QD Rifle Suppressor Assuming the program continues to completion, SIG's new NGSW guns will be a major update for America's military. The Guns of Battlefield 2042: New and Old Friends on the Battlefield

[SHOT 2020] Coming In Hot From SIG Sauer’s Range Day

We had the pleasure of attending SIG Sauer’s SHOT Show pre-range day, and check out some of their recent new offerings ranging from the P365 SAS all the way up to the MG 338. There’s something for everyone at the range day and we certainly enjoyed working [Read More…]

SILENCER SATURDAY #260: A Few Of My Favorite Things - 2022

SILENCER SATURDAY #260: A Few Of My Favorite Things – 2022

Good evening everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the new YHM Turbo T3 rifle suppressor. Since it is New Year’s Eve, I thought we could reflect back at the year in suppressors with a few of my [Read More…]

Behind the Scenes: Inside the TacGas Armory Advanced Armament Company - New Ranger Series Rifle Suppressors SIG Sauer's TANGO6T DVO Military Optic Now Avaialbe for Purchase SILENCER SATURDAY #250: The ECCO Machine Salamander Rimfire Suppressor NEW AMMO: SIG Sauer Venari Soft Point Hunting Ammunition Concealed Carry Corner: The Rise Of PDWs For Personal Protection