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POTD: M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System in Dynamic Front 2022 POTD: M27 Live-Fire at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle with Trijicon VCOG 1-8x28 M27 HK416A5 M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle POTD: The M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle in Jordan M27 IAR M38 POTD: M27 IAR - Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force M27 SAW m27 iar hk416 US Marines M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System Update for the M27s accessories

LEAKED: USMC Test Calls M27, M38 DMR Into Question

On the heels of the USMC’s effort to field 15,000 more Heckler & Koch M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles, as well as the M38 Designated Marksman Rifle variant, The Firearm Blog has received a copy of a 2016 report intended to justify procurement of accessories and [Read More…]

M27s all up in here M27s all up in here

MARSOC NOT Interested in the M27… But the M38 Looks Promising

A recently released Marine Corps Times article covers a discussion with a MARSOC spokesman who confirmed in no uncertain terms that the command was not interested in an M27 IAR procurement program. The reasons stated involved the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures [Read More…]

2015 NGSAR

US Army Will Not Buy USMC M27, Sets Course for Next Generation Squad Weapon, Cased Telescoped Ammunition

Despite the suggestion being raised more than once in Congress, the United States Army will not be buying M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles from Heckler & Koch, but instead is devoting its small arms resources towards the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle program, [Read More…]