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Corona Virus Quarantine Survival guide What Round For Coronavirus? Ammunition Sales Spike As Americans Hunker Down [SHOT 2021] Browning SHOT Show Special Firearms [SHOT 2021] Winchester SHOT Show Special Firearms new revolvers COVIDEALS: Black(Death) Friday Through Cyber(pocalypse) Monday 11/30 SHOT Show 2021 will feature plenty of hand sanitizer, thanks to a new sponsorship from Otis Technologies. cartridge conundrum USCCA introduces a new emergency preparedness training program. The NSSF reports that almost five million Americans have become first-time gun owners this year.

Exclusive Interview with US Army Next Generation Squad Weapon Program Leaders

It has been 11 months since the US Army awarded three OTA contracts as part of its Next Generation Squad Weapon program. Despite the uncertainty around the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the program remains on track and set to begin its next major phase. TFB had the [Read More…]

POTD: Cold Response 2020

What is the German Navy doing in this snowy environment? They were also part of the Cold Response 2020 exercise in Norway, earlier this year before we knew what the Coronavirus was. How soon will it be before we know which firearm will take over the HK G36? Will it be [Read More…]

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