Wheelgun Wednesday: Silver Creek Firearms – Who, What, Where, When?

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Last week on Wheelgun Wednesday, I gushed about the prospect of Spohr revolvers coming to the United States because James Reeves has spoken so highly of them as of late; thus, I’m excited now, too. That being said, I’ve never touched or seen a Spohr revolver in real life yet. One revolver that is almost on the same level of “unicorn status” are Silver Creek Firearms. I stumbled upon this brand in the “basement” or “dungeon” of SHOT Show 2023 and walked away very impressed. Unfortunately, we have not heard much about them since. So, in this week’s edition of Wheelgun Wednesday, we are going to revisit Silver Creek Firearms to delve into the basic questions of Who, What, Where, When?… Let’s dive in!

Wheelgun Wednesday @ TFB:

Silver Creek Firearms – Who?

Silver Creek Firearms, like all infant companies, is a small group of gentlemen who (I’m adlibbing) probably desired something more in firearms and; thus, sought out to accomplish it themselves. While they aren’t a one-man show, it is admittedly small. It is a 6-man cadre building wheelguns from scratch.

  • President
  • Scott Erdman
  • Representative
  • Kevin Jacobs
  • Karl (Oscar) Anderson
  • Jim Mershon
  • Steve Erdman
  • Dan Zaremba

While the title of President speaks for itself, the moniker of “Representative” is incredibly ambiguous. So, one could only venture to guess that these guys are wearing many “hats” as Silver Creek Firearms gets going (machinist, advertising, coffee re-filler, human resources, #1 employee reported to HR, etc). This is what their own “About Us” section on their website states:

Silver Creek Firearms owner, Scott Erdman, was inspired for our first gun by his father who deer hunted with a .357 Magnum revolver. Silver Creek Firearms was established in 2015 in Whitehall, MI. and production began on our first gun in 2018.
Our president, manufacturing and design team are all avid hunters and enjoy spending time at the gun range and all contributed new ideas for a world class revolver.
Our guns are 100% machined and assembled to the highest precision and quality in our own facility.

Silver Creek Firearms – What?

The “what” is what brought us all here – their wheelguns. Right now, Silver Creek Firearms has 1 model in the way a revolver. That one being the 4110 .357 Magnum. This is a Single-Action/Double-Action revolver with a multitude of barrel lengths, grip choices, sight selections, and finish variations as well. The 8“ barrel revolver is additionally ported for low recoil. The 4110 .357 Magnum is also unique in that it deploys “Variable Pitch Rifling” that increases as it goes down the barrel adding to the accuracy of the gun.

  • Cartridge: .357 Magnum/.38 Special
  • Capacity: 7 Rounds
  • Barrel: 6″ | 8″ | 10″
  • Material: Polished 17-4PH Stainless Steel
  • Grips: Large Classic | Performance | Colored Laminate (6 colorways listed)
  • Sights: Fiber Optic – Standard | Wide (Option for a Red Dot Mount or a Picatinny Rail)
  • Finish: High Polish | Matte
  • Weight: 3 Lb 11.2 Oz

Our guns are 100% machined and assembled to the highest precision and quality in our own facility.

Our team is made up of highly skilled aerospace machinists and engineers.

We believe in producing high quality stainless steel firearms.

The .357 Magnum is our first product off the line and performing excellently!

Silver Creek Firearms – Where?

So, where is Silver Creek Firearms if you want to hunt down one of these wheelguns?… Well, they are based out of Michigan, and according to their own “About Us” section they have been there since 2015. If you want to see if any small dealers or distributors currently have some of their revolvers in stock, or have general questions for them, you can reach out to them via the pathways below:

  • Address: 8529 North Silver Creek Road, Whitehall, Michigan 49461
  • Phone: (231) 726-8100
  • Email: SCFAsales@gmail.com

Note: We are not doxing Silver Creek Firearms. All of this information is openly available on their website. Hopefully this article is very popular for them and it drives a lot of prospective business their way.

Silver Creek Firearms – When?

This might be the best question of them all: when?… When will we see some of these in the hands of the media (shmucks like me) to give consumers reviews, thoughts, and more photography of their products?… When will you see these on store shelves?… When will they get a YouTube page to pump up advertising?… When will we see some MSRP pricing to see if these are the “market’s greatest value in a revolver,” or are they “overpriced?”… Only time will tell. As always, let us know all of your thoughts about Silver Creek Firearms and their Model 4110 .357 Magnum revolver in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Silver Creek Firearms Social Media Channels

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Adam Scepaniak

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  • BeoBear BeoBear on Jun 14, 2024

    That has to be the butt ugliest revolver I've ever seen. It's like they had "butt ugly" at the top of their design requirements. They failed form so hopefully they aced function.

  • David K. David K. on Jun 17, 2024

    It looks like a Mateba Auto-revolver but without the auto part. It's also a double-action revolver, but with a loading gate for the cylinder instead of the cylinder swinging out like every other DA/SA revolver in modern manufacture. From the heft of the top strap, I thought maybe it was a top-break a la the Schoefield, but nope, I checked every picture they had, and it's using a loading gate.

    With a frame overbuilt like that, I'd expect it to be built for something heftier than .357 Magnum, too. Not that .357 mag loads are all that soft, just that comparatively speaking, the .357 doesn't take a frame built that heavy.

    Going back to the loading method, it would be interesting if this were a top-break, since that's not something that we have on the market and would present something truly different.

    Other than maybe cosplaying it as a Mateba for some reason, I don't see any reason why you'd want this since it's a step back in design, IMHO.