POTD: Sweden's New Automatic Carbine 24

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by Eric B
Automatic carbine 24 during training at the Home Guard’s Battle School. Photo: Johanna Granander/The Swedish Armed Forces

Automatkarbin 24 in Swedish, or Automatic carbine 24 translated into English, is one of the new firearms that will be used by the Swedish Army. Let’s start calling it Ak24 for short!

The first 200 pieces of Automatkarbin 24 have already been delivered to Sweden and FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) in April 2024. After initial trial firing and control, these are used for training instructors and technicians.

Photo: Forsvarsmakten / Swedish Armed Forces

To begin, the use of Automatkarbin 24 will be limited. New conscripts are initially assigned to the old AK5Cs (modified FN FNC) and will be re-armed later on with interim weapons as these are delivered.

Here it gets interesting, as The Swedish Armed Forces have identified a need for interim weapons, as in another firearm than the Ak24. These are intended to be used during basic training in the coming years and give the Armed Forces more space and freedom of action when it comes to solving their tasks. More information is said to be coming soon, but at this point in time, it is not official what make or model these are going to be.

At the end of this year, 7,500 pcs of Automatic Carbine 24 are to be delivered with a further 7,500 in 2025. The ambition is to introduce them widely for all conscripts during the training year 2025/2026, starting for moving platoon commanders in February/March 2025.

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What do you think of the Ak24 and its Cerakote color?

Photos: Johanna Granander and The Swedish Armed Forces.

Source: The Swedish Armed Forces

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