New Law: Gun Stores In New York State Must Display Warning Signs

Zac K
by Zac K
New Law: Gun Stores In New York State Must Display Warning Signs

Everyone knows that firearms can be dangerous if they are misused, but in the state of New York, leaders are going to make firearms retailers preach that message to their customers.

Legal updates @ TFB:

New York’s leaders have just passed Senate Bill S6649, which requires the state’s gun stores to warn customers of the consequences of misuse of firearms. The bill, which is just awaiting the governor’s signature, says that retailers must:

… post a notice where weapons or firearms are sold, displayed, or delivered, at the entrance to the site, and in at least one additional area where sales are sold conspicuously stating “WARNING ACCESS TO A WEAPON OR FIREARM IN THE HOME SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASES THE RISK OF SUICIDE, DEATH DURING DOMESTIC DISPUTES, AND/OR UNINTENTIONAL DEATHS TO CHILDREN, HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS AND OTHERS. IF YOU OR A LOVED ONE IS EXPERIENCING DISTRESS AND/OR DEPRESSION, CALL THE NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFE-LINE AT 988.” This paragraph also requires the notice to be distributed to a purchaser at the time of each individual sale and when a licensing officer issues to amends a firearm or weapon license and/or permit.

So. When you go into a gun store in New York now, you will see multiple signs like this, and you will also receive this information in a handout at time of sale.

Even as permitless carry laws pass in some states, others are cracking down on storage rules and other safety regulations this season.

The bill also says that “licensing officers, local governments, or employees thereof” are not liable for any injury or damages that result from a gun seller not displaying this information.

And then, we’re told the consequences of a gun retailer not following this law:

failure to comply with any provision of this subdivision is a violation punishable by imprisonment of up to fifteen days and/or a fine of up to one thousand dollars with each day that a violation continues to be deemed a separate offense.

For the rest of the bill, read here. After it receives the governor’s signature, it will become law in 90 days.

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  • Marathag Marathag on Jun 13, 2024

    another Unconstitutional Law from New York?
    Must be a day ending in 'Y'

  • Uniform223 Uniform223 on Jun 13, 2024

    You are more likely to be killed by ATF agents in an early morning raid because of a new bureaucratic rule they made up than be shot by your own gun.

    You are more likely to go to jail for shooting someone who broke into your home than Hunter Brandon will face the full measure of punishment under the law.