POTD: Korps Mariniers in Black Esox

    Korps Mariniers

    Another day goes on, and another of TFB’s Photo Of The Day sees the light of day. Today we have the pleasure to see the Dutch Korps Mariniers at work. This is from an ATLAS network exercise called Black Esox.

    Black Esox was an international exercise of the European ATLAS network of special intervention units. The aim of these joint exercises is that the different special forces units learn from each other, and exchange knowledge when it comes to maritime deployments with air support in large-scale terrorist incidents.

    Korps Mariniers

    While we’re at it, is there a Tax Free Shop on-board?

    In addition to the Netherlands, intervention units from Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Italy also participated in this exercise. Previously we have shown some images from the Swedish Special Forces, from the same event. Just click on the ”Black Esox” tag to see that post.

    Source, images and background: Korps Mariniers