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Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

In the United States when it comes to revolvers, there is what I would call the Big 3 – Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and Taurus – that command most of our attention and our dollars. Of course, that is an extremely narrow-minded list. There is Colt, single-action revolver brands, and innumerable others. Generally, these brands are $1,000 or less for most of their models (key emphasis on most) which is exactly what the American revolver market likes: affordable wheelguns. When you turn your eyes to Europe though, we start to see some extremely high-end manufacturers like Korth, Manurhin, and Spohr. Both Korth and Manurhin I personally discussed on TFB because companies like Beretta (Manurhin) and Nighthawk Custom (Korth) have been able to import them into the country. So, either I have handled/fired them personally, seen them at SHOT Show, or “I know a guy.” There is simply more info in the ether about them. Spohr, on the other hand, I know nothing about. That is if it were not for our beloved James Reeves from TFBTV. He has shed an appreciative light on the brand in recent years, and it appears that the brand is ever-so-closer to making its way into the United States. So, in this week’s edition of Wheelgun Wednesday, we are going to take a look at Spohr revolvers to see what they may be bringing to the US soon. Let’s dive in!

Wheelgun Wednesday @ TFB:

Spohr – Shooting Precision

While Spohr as a company might be relatively new and in its infancy having begun the sale of their revolvers in 2019, the head of their company has many years of gunsmithing and manufacturing instruction under his belt. In fact, he is a member of the internationally prestigious “S&W Club 30.”

Thomas Spohr, a well-known member of the internationally prestigious S&W Club 30, brings his exceptional experience in firearms technology and gunsmithing to his revolver product lines.

Thomas studied firearms technology from the HTBL Federal Technische school in Ferlach (Austria), a school with 135 years of tradition in the heart of Ferlach where firearms manufacturing has a 450 year history.
Thomas continued his studies graduating as a Master Gunsmith from the Ehingen school outside of Stuttgart.

As a member of the German S&W Club 30 after graduation, he became involved in the high-end tuning of Smith & Wesson sporting revolvers.

He found his passion in this area and began to develop his own line of revolvers. Thomas combines the highest quality design with German craftsmanship to present the shooter with revolvers dedicated to absolute precision.

Sold to discriminating shooters in Germany since 2019, the Spohr revolver product line is now also available to the US market.

While most people might not be familiar with this high-end European brand, we have covered them a reasonable amount over the years on TFB. Anyone venture a guess as to who wrote all of those articles? Our beloved James Reeves. So, what does he know that maybe we don’t?… For one, these revolvers are impeccably crafted and they’re coming!!!

Spohr Coverage @ TFB:

Revolver Model Lineups

To become better acquainted with all of these revolvers, we will walk through all 3 lines that Spohr is currently offering to the market. First up is the Club Edition series. These, like all of the revolvers they offer, are available in either a Black PVD or Stainless finish. Also, you can get them machined to accept 9mm moon clips as well. The pricing varies from $3,749 – $3,899 based on the feature set you would like crafted from the factory.

With the Club Edition Line, german gun manufacturer Spohr sets the ultimate standard in revolver construction. The gun is 100% manufactured in Germany and sets the very highest standards of quality and precision.

Club Edition

Club Edition 6.0 .357 Magnum: 6 Barrel - Stainless | Black PVD - Starting at $3,899

Next, is the 28 Series. These wheelguns begin to get more specific in their intended use (carry, universal, and competition styles) with the same Black PVD or Stainless finish options. Additionally, the price point has been dropped a bit to be more affordable for the price-conscious folks who still want a discerningly well-crafted revolver. The MSRPs start out at $2,799 – $2,899 depending on how you configure them.

28 Series

284 Carry .357 Magnum: 4 Barrel - Stainless | Black PVD - Starting at $2,799

Finally, there is the L562 Series. From the exterior, I would nickname this series of revolvers “the Big Boys” because they don long barrels and have an impressively mean appearance (sultry and suave like a dangerous gentleman). Your barrel length options are either 4″ or 6″ in Stainless or Black PV – and while these are meticulously crafted like all of their revolvers, these have a much more clean, streamlined aesthetic to them. Your pricing varies from $2,699 – $2,999.

With its L562 series, the german firearms manufacturer Spohr sets the new standard in the sporting revolver sector. Absolute precision, crystal-clear trigger characteristics and the highest level of vertical integration at a reasonable price characterize these weapons.

All lock parts are wire-eroded from highly tempered steel and not made from cheap MIM as is the case with other manufacturers. This considerably improves the trigger characteristics and durability.

The barrel is a cold hammer forged polygon match barrel, which is characterized by its precision, durability and ease of cleaning.

L562 Series

L562 Tactical Division .357 Magnum: 6 Barrel - Stainless | Black PVD - $2,999

As I mentioned in the introduction, I know very little, personally, about Spohr as a company, the revolvers they make, and I have never handled one, BUT I hold our very own James Reeves in a very high regard. So, if he is excited by what they are pushing out the doors, then transitively, I am, too. As always, let us know all of your thoughts about Spohr and their bevy of revolver models soon to hit the US market in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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    Revolvers are outdated technology. Fight me.

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    • IOJ IOJ on Jun 07, 2024

      @Supersalad An MR 73 has a service life of roughly 100 000 rounds. Even a Mark 23 doesn't have that kind of durability.

  • DeadeyeDan DeadeyeDan on Jun 06, 2024

    My comment got marked as spam on the last video, but the Club edition doesn't seem to be a good deal. It's $950 extra for an adjustable trigger, milled-in rear sight, and what's basically an appearance package. And it's not even a really good one. I looked it up and I can add red leather seats and interior trim to a brand new Porsche for less than the Club Edition markup, so you know that's overpriced.