Is The Upcoming FLUX Raider 365 Worth Looking At?

James Reeves
by James Reeves

“The PDW in your pants,” FLUX Defense calls it (informally). And damn if it isn’t true. The FLUX Raider 365 is arguably the smallest and thinnest 9mm PDW available (well, it should be available next month). As a truly on-body concealable PDW, it stands out in a crowded market. In this review, we take an in-depth look at the FLUX Raider 365, comparing it to the 365 Macro pistol and putting it through an extensive accuracy test.

FLUX Defense @ TFB:

Ryan concealing the Raider under a T-shirt with the FLUX IWB holster.

What is the P365 Raider?

The FLUX Raider P365 is essentially a chassis system designed to accommodate the SIG P365 fire control unit (FCU). The FCU is the serialized part of the firearm, meaning it can be swapped from one P365 frame to another while retaining the same legal firearm. This modularity allows users to transform their standard P365 into a highly versatile PDW with enhanced capabilities.

We first encountered the 365 Raider at SHOT Show 2024, where we interviewed Ben from FLUX on TFBTV Show Time. The standout feature of this product is that it may be the first true inside-the-waistband concealable 9mm PCC.

The FLUX Raider P365 is designed to offer significant advantages over traditional stocked pistols. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and innovations:

1. Enhanced Control: The Raider shroud allows for better control by enabling not only stock use but also a support hand forward of the grip. This design improvement translates into better handling and reduced recoil, especially during rapid-fire sequences.

2. Slim Profile: Utilizing the P365’s 1-inch thick slide and frame combo, the Raider is incredibly thin. This slim profile makes it one of the most concealable PDWs on the market and perhaps the only true on-body PDW.

3. PDW-style Accessory Options: FLUX offers various accessories, including a 6-inch barrel from True Precision, which improves ballistic performance significantly compared to standard pistols. The longer barrel enhances velocity and energy output, making it a formidable choice for both self-defense and range shooting. You also have a number of options for optics mounting and buttstock configurations. The 365 Raider will have options for inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband holsters, ambidextrous sling bags, and a forward optic mount.

4. Dual Magazine Setup: The Raider’s trademark dual magazine setup features one magazine in the grip and one in the fore-end, which can be swapped quickly. This setup allows for rapid reloading and increased ammunition capacity, crucial for extended engagements.

Thus, the 365 Raider is not just a gun with a stock attached. The SIG P365 fire control unit is the serialized component, meaning you can swap it from frame to frame while maintaining one legal firearm. This modularity is a game-changer, allowing users to customize their PDW to suit various needs and preferences. The kit will include the frame, stock or brace, and a shroud, with FLUX recommending against using the Macro Comp due to potential gas diversion issues.

Performance and Practicality

In terms of weight, the 365 Raider chassis is 14.1 ounces compared to the 320 Raider’s 17.1 ounces.

Raider 320 versus Raider 365

While 3 ounces may seem negligible, FLUX claims that a fully assembled P365 Raider can be much lighter than its P320 counterpart. The reduced weight enhances maneuverability and comfort, particularly for those intending to carry the PDW inside the waistband.

Detailed Accuracy Analysis

Our accuracy test involved shooting 10-round groups as quickly as possible at both 10 yards and 50 feet with a SIG P365 X Macro Pistol and then with the Raider 365. This test aimed to evaluate both speed and precision under simulated self-defense scenarios. You can see the full video of the test here:

10-Yard Accuracy Test:

P365 Macro Pistol:

Ryan shot 10 rounds into the 10 ring of a B27 target in 5.12 seconds using the SIG Romeo optic. I matched Ryan’s time exactly, both of us placing 10 rounds into the 10 ring in exactly 5.12 seconds.

The Raider at 10 yards.

365 Raider:

Ryan achieved a perfect score with the Raider in 4.44 seconds, a slight time improvement. I completed the same in 4.18 seconds, also with a perfect score. The Raider’s additional support and ergonomic enhancements did make a noticeable difference in shooting speed and precision.

50-Foot Accuracy Test:

P365 Macro Pistol:

Ryan took his time, shooting 10 rounds in 7.5 seconds and scoring 96 out of 100. His methodical approach resulted in impressive accuracy for a pistol. On the other hand, I pumped them out a little too fast: I shot my rounds in 5.48 seconds, scoring 88 out of 100. My faster pace impacted my accuracy, highlighting the challenges of maintaining precision at extended distances with a standard pistol.

365 Raider:
Ryan again showcased excellent control, scoring another 96 out of 100…but in 6.98 seconds. So he shaved a half-second off for the same accuracy. I managed to shoot a 96 in 5.24 seconds, significantly improving my accuracy compared to the Macro pistol and a quarter second faster.

The Raider’s stability and support clearly benefited performance, making it easier to maintain precision at a faster cadence even at 50 feet – but is this performance increase worth the squeeze?

Final Thoughts

The FLUX Raider 365 offers tangible performance increases over standard pistols. Its enhanced control, slim profile, and dual magazine setup provide significant advantages for both self-defense and range shooting. The modularity of the fire control unit allows for customization, making it adaptable to various needs.

However, the Raider’s practical considerations, such as concealability and price, may not suit everyone. For those who prioritize maximum performance and versatility, the Raider is a compelling choice. Its ability to deliver increased accuracy, speed, and power makes it a standout option in the PCC market.

Whether you’re out for some fun or looking for a versatile and concealable PDW, the FLUX Raider P365 is worth considering. Its performance, accessory options, and unique features make it one of the coolest guns we’ve tested this year. It’ll be out next month, according to FLUX.

Assembly is easy if you have a SIG P365 already.
James Reeves
James Reeves

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  • Sid Collins Sid Collins on May 25, 2024

    I’m happy this exists. I’m happy to be offered options that did not previously exist.

    I just don’t think it has a practical value.

  • XT6Wagon XT6Wagon on May 26, 2024

    In a world filled with guns of near 0 barrel length I suppose this ok. Kriss will sell you a very expensive .45 to murder your horse with. Real barrel length of no.

    A basic glock will do better. If you need a stock a 5.56 pistol can have a shit fake stock and shoot better at 100 yards