Olight Enters The Optics Game With The Osight Red Dot

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

Olight is known for its line of flashlights, but it is getting into the optics game. The new Osight is a miniature red dot sight with a few unique features. Let’s see what the new sight has to offer.

Red Dots @ TFB:

The most unique feature of the Osight is the charging method. Rather than use a standard battery like a 2032 cell, it charges like a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The cover unit attaches to the sight magnetically and has a USB-C port. Placing the cover on the sight recharges the sight. Olight claims 70,000 hours on the lowest setting and 17 days (about 400 hours) at the highest setting, with the charging cover that runtime steps up to 70 days. There are many settings between the highest and lowest, 12 in total (2 NV, 10 daylight).

Olight has a reputation for budget-friendly flashlights, and the Osight is also on the less-expensive side of the spectrum. It is currently selling for $183.99 on the Olight website with an MSRP of $229.99. It will be easy to add to guns because it uses the RMR footprint.

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From the manufacturer:

  • Industry’s First Magnetic Charging Cover: Osight introduces a pioneering magnetic charging cover featuring a battery display that reveals the precise battery levels for both the cover and the optic, making uncertainty certain. (70,000+ hours runtime on lowest mode, 17+ days on the brightest mode, extended to 70+ days with the charging cover.)
  • 3 MOA in Large Window: Boasting a 0.94 x 0.85-inch lens, this optic ensures precise targeting even amidst recoil. The 3 MOA dot stands out clearly for quick and accurate dot acquisition.
  • Unwavering Zero: Following a rigorous 10,000-round field test, Osight maintains zero calibration successfully, never lose your accuracy.

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  • Dale Magma Dale Magma on May 22, 2024

    I love wish.com optics!!!

  • BeoBear BeoBear on May 22, 2024

    From the tests I've seen so far, this optic has some durability issues. Definitely appears to still be in the beta phase. Plus I have the option to buy red dots not produced by the CCP so the O Light is hard No Light from me.