Walther Reintroduces .32 ACP PPK and PPK/s Models

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

Walther is bringing back a classic pistol option not seen in many years. While most American shooters think of the PPK as a .380 ACP, that was not the original chambering. The .32 ACP PPK was the first model, and Walther is making it again.

Walther @ TFB:

In case you are not familiar with the .32 ACP cartridge, let’s compare it to the .380 ACP. The bullet diameter is obviously smaller, measuring 0.3125″ instead of 0.355″ inches. Bullet weights are also lower, ranging from 60 to 73 grains in most loadings. In contrast, the .380 generally uses bullet weighing between 90 and 100 grains. .32 Auto tends to also run at lower velocities, but combined with the lighter bullets that means the recoil will be reduced (assuming all else is equal).

The PPK has the same barrel length and overall length as the PPK/s. However, the PPK is 0.5” shorter than the PPK/s. The magazine capacity of the .32 ACP PPK is 7 rounds, while the PPK/s holds 8 rounds. Both the .32 ACP PPK and PPK/s are available now. The retail price for both the black and stainless models is $969.

From the manufacturer:

Walther Arms, Inc. proudly reintroduces the PPK and PPK/S chambered in .32 ACP. Revamping a timeless classic, this vintage-inspired pistol pays homage to the iconic Walther PPK lineage, featuring a seamless union of sophistication and lethality.

Over 80 years ago, the Police Pistol Kriminal (PPK) broke the mold when it brought a more practical and reliable concealment option to officers with undercover assignments. Today, crafted with that same Walther precision and attention to detail, while incorporating modernized performance, the PPK/S in .32 ACP brings functionality and a nostalgic style.

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Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Old Gringo Old Gringo on May 20, 2024

    I have had two, stainless in 380 and the nickel version in 22. The 22 is a wonderful knock off, extremely accurate and 100% with Stingers. If you want the historical look and feel, a blue gun only, no stainless or plated copies and 32 acp. It loses the historical feel if you make it in stainless, that said, mine is for carry and shooting, stainless is fine for me

    I shot an armadillo dead center with Winchester Silvertips from my 32 Seecamp. Cool little gun. Had to chase the armadillo down and kill him. I shoot only Silvertip and Corbon in the Seecamp. That said, it is fine for a second or third gun, but not as a primary. I am not impressed with the 32.

    I have killed one highway wounded deer with the Walther 380 with Hydrashocks, skunks and lots of snakes. The PPK/s is is accurate enough to shoot snakes when they are close. The 32 should be fine for that as well.

    I have found the very best use for the 32 acp, is to fire them in an adapter out of my British 303, pretty accurate at 25 yards, and almost silent out of that long barrel.

    The Walther PPK or PPK/s in 32 acp will not sell for the guy who wants a carry gun, it will sell to the guys who already own a dozen or more handguns and just want one for the cool factor. They are not carry friendly for young ladies as they are not easy to pull the slide back, at least not in the 380, the 22s are easy.

    That said, go for it if it appeals. Odds of actually using your carry gun are very, very slim, so caliber does not matter much, unless maybe you are attacked by 2 of those big pit bull dogs. Then it matters.

  • Anteater2 Anteater2 on May 26, 2024

    me want me want