[SHOT 2024] TBX Muzzleloader Quick-Charge Systems

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by TFB Staff
[SHOT 2024] TBX Muzzleloader Quick-Charge Systems

TBX Hunting has announced at SHOT 2024 the start of production for its innovative Popshot muzzleloader speed loader system. The company has developed this system exclusively for .50 caliber muzzleloaders, catering to the needs of enthusiasts who favor quick and convenient loading during hunts.

The Popshot system comes in two sizes. The compact version is designed to streamline the loading process with two pellets, totaling 100 grains, or with 52 grains of loose powder. This efficient size is priced at $27.95. For those who prefer a more substantial load, the Magnum size can accommodate three pellets, which equals 150 grains total, or up to 130 grains of loose powder, and is offered at $29.95.

Using the Popshot is straightforward and greatly reduces loading time in the field. Hunters simply need to place the end of the pre-charged Popshot against the barrel muzzle, push the plunger down, and finally, tamp the charge home with a ramrod. In addition to its primary components, TBX Hunting provides extra bodies for the speed loader, enabling hunters to carry several pre-charged loads for ease of use throughout their activities.

For those interested in enhancing their muzzleloading efficiency, the TBX Hunting Popshot muzzleloader speed loader system is available for order directly from the company’s website at TBXHunting.com.

Product Specs:

– Designed for: .50 caliber muzzleloaders
– Compact Version:
– Loads: Two pellets (100 gr total) or 52 gr of loose powder
– Price: $27.95
– Magnum Version:
– Loads: Three pellets (150 gr total) or 130 grains of loose powder
– Price: $29.95
– Usage: Position the pre-charged Popshot at the barrel muzzle, push plunger, tamp charge with ramrod
– Additional: Extra bodies available for multiple pre-charged loads
– Available at: TBXHunting.com

The introduction of TBX Hunting’s Popshot system offers muzzleloader hunters an opportunity to expedite their loading process, focusing more on the hunt and less on the preparation. As the product enters the market, users are poised to experience a significant shift in loading efficiency during their hunting expeditions.

TFB Staff
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