[SHOT 2024] Pedersoli 86/71 Droptine Goes Retro

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by TFB Staff
[SHOT 2024] Pedersoli 86/71 Droptine Goes Retro

Davide Pedersoli has announced the expansion of its Droptine rifle lineup with a wood-and-blued-steel version set to debut this year at SHOT 2024. This iteration follows the rifle’s introduction in 2023, which featured a composite stock and a modernized look. The latest model takes a step back in terms of aesthetics, opting for a more traditional look while maintaining the updated features that mark its recent evolution.

The 2024 version of the Droptine stands out for its deep, rich bluing complemented by case coloring on the receiver, presenting a striking contrast to the previous model’s matte finish. Additionally, the glossy-finish American walnut stock, which is crafted in-house along with all other components of the rifle, provides a nod to classic firearm design. Despite its retro styling, the action remains unchanged; it’s based on the Model 1886 and remains chambered in .30-30, known for its slick and swift operation.

One of the aspects mentioned by the company representative was the gun’s versatility concerning sighting options. While the new Droptine comes equipped with old-school iron sights, there is room for upgrades. “The forward-mount scope base can be installed on the new rifle,” said the Pedersoli representative, and for those who prefer, the fiber-optic sights from the previous year’s model can also be fitted to the new one, ensuring shooters can customize their Droptine to their preferred sighting method.

Product Specs:

– Magazine capacity: 5+1
– Barrel length: 19 inches, equipped with 5/8×24 threaded muzzle
– Safety: Tang safety

The asking price for the wood-and-blued-steel Droptine is set at a $2,100 MSRP, reflecting the rifle’s premium construction and materials.

In conclusion, the expanded Droptine line by Pedersoli offers an intriguing option for lovers of classic firearm design without sacrificing the practicality of modern engineering. For those in the market for a rifle that straddles the line between traditional charm and contemporary performance, this new offering could be an appealing addition to their collection.

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