[SHOT 2024] New Cimarron 1894 Trapper Lever Action Rifle

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

Cimarron has recently announced the release of their new 1894 Trapper rifle, which emerges as a nod to the traditional lever-action firearm design. This latest offering by Cimarron avoids modern alterations such as cross-bolt or tang safeties, rebounding hammers, and angle-eject features that are commonly found in contemporary lever-action rifles. It also comes with semi-buckhorn iron sights, and notably, the receiver is not designed to be drilled and tapped, further cementing its vintage appeal.

The 1894 Trapper maintains a classic aesthetic with a 16 1/8-inch barrel and a squared-off buttstock that is finished with a steel buttplate, thereby appealing to enthusiasts of the iconic 1894 design. Despite its appearance that closely resembles historical rifles, the 1894 Trapper is not intended for the collector’s market but is rather a functional, modern firearm. The manufacturer has set the MSRP at $1492 for this model.

A Cimarron employee shared insights into the company’s production demands, stating, “We’re 30,000 guns behind on manufacturing,” which highlights the substantial interest and demand for lever-action rifles in the current market.

Product specs for Cimarron’s new 1894 Trapper include:

– Iron semi-buckhorn sights
– 16 1/8-inch barrel
– Chambered in .30-30 Winchester
– Priced at an MSRP of $1492

Cimarron’s unveiling of the 1894 Trapper at SHOT 2024 showcases the company’s dedication to producing firearms that reflect legendary designs while addressing the needs and interests of modern shooters.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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