[SHOT 2024] New ATA Long-Action Turqua Bolt Action Rifle

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[SHOT 2024] New ATA Long-Action Sporter Bolt Action Rifle

At the SHOT Show 2024, ATA, the Turkish firearms manufacturer, introduced a new long-action version of their Turqua bolt-action sporter. The showcased model at the event was chambered in .30-06, signaling the expansion of the Turqua line which ATA has stated will also include .270 and .300 Win Mag offerings. Notable features of this rifle include a three-position safety mechanism and a convenient buttonless bolt removal system which simplifies the disassembly process, eliminating the need for awkward two-handed operations when stripping the rifle.

Significantly, all models come standard with a threaded muzzle. In addition to these new long-action versions, ATA has developed the Turqua in several short-action variants which offer additional options such as iron sights and finishes tailored for all-weather conditions. There’s a potential for these new long-action models to extend into products offered by other brands as well, considering the Turqua is also imported by Savage Arms and sold under the name of Stevens 334. It remains to be seen if a long-action version of the Stevens rebadge will be available. For enthusiasts keen on procuring the Turqua lineup under its original branding, it is accessible through Four Peaks Imports.

Emphasizing accuracy, ATA ensures the rifle’s capability to consistently produce 3-shot sub-MOA groups at 100 yards when using premium ammunition. Weighing approximately 7.5 pounds, the Turqua balances heft and handling, aiming to suit various shooter preferences for sport and field use.

Product specs:

– Options for a threaded or non-threaded barrel;
– Choice of a detachable 3-round or 5-round magazine;
– Crafted Turkish walnut stock;
– Barrel options with a 1:10 twist, offered in lengths of 18.5, 20, 22, or 24 inches based on model configuration;
– A monoblock steel receiver featuring an integrated recoil lug reinforces the rifle’s robust structure;
– An adjustable two-stage trigger that can be set anywhere from 1.76 pounds to 3.52 pounds, allowing for a personalized trigger pull experience.

While ATA’s latest expansion of the Turqua line stands as a promising development for long-action sporter enthusiasts, the rifle’s appeal reaches those who appreciate a blend of classic craftsmanship and modern precision.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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