[SHOT 2024] Samson Manufacturing Releases New Stock, Optics Mounts, and Tool Kits

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Samson Manufacturing – B-TM folding stock

At SHOT Show 2024, Samson Manufacturing announced the addition of several new products to their lineup, including a new stock for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown, a pair of optics mounts for the AK platform, and a series of Field Survivor tool kits. These developments exhibit Samson Manufacturing’s ongoing commitment to providing firearm owners with an array of aftermarket enhancements and maintenance tools.

The new B-TM folding stock, specifically crafted for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown, captures the essence of the classic Mini-14 folding stock, yet it is custom-designed for the smaller 10/22. Eager buyers can expect this stock to be available for shipping at the end of February. The pricing for the stock is set at $279 for the stainless finish version, while the black finish model is priced at $299.

Samson Manufacturing - B-TM folding stock

In addition to the B-TM folding stock, Samson Manufacturing also unveiled two new “RSR2” optics mounts for the AK platform. These mounts are designed to take the place of the standard rear sight leaf on an AK. One of the mounts is compatible with the mini ACOG, specifically intended for the 1.5x models, and the other is tailored to fit the Aimpoint Acro. Retailing at $128.75, these mounts will begin shipping immediately following the exhibition. Notably, the Acro footprint mount includes a backup rear sight as part of its assembly. The construction of these mounts is robust steel, with each mount weighing in at a mere 0.23 ounces.

Samson Manufacturing - "RSR2"
Samson Manufacturing - "RSR2"
Samson Manufacturing - "RSR2"
Samson Manufacturing - "RSR2"

Lastly, Samson showcased their Field Survivor tool kits, a unique solution for weapon maintenance. These kits are ingeniously designed to snugly fit into the pistol grip of a rifle, secured with a friction-fit o-ring seal. Samson Manufacturing is offering three versions of the Field Survivor to accommodate various grip types: the A2 grip, the Magpul MOE and MIAD grips, and the Hogue AK grip. Each kit encompasses a selection of maintenance essentials including a broken shell extractor (for .223/5.56 in the AR grips and 7.62x39mm for the Hogue), a wire bore brush for barrel cleaning, an oil ampule for lubrication, a barrel pull-through cable, and a tool for adjusting the front sight. These Field Survivor kits come with a price tag of around $100 and will be ready to ship immediately after the close of the SHOT Show.

Samson Manufacturing - Field Survivor tool kits
Samson Manufacturing – Field Survivor tool kits

As a complement to their new offerings, Samson Manufacturing’s current range also includes other notable products that have been previously released, catering to the needs of firearm enthusiasts and maintenance personnel. The company’s continuous introduction of practical firearm accessories reflects their thorough understanding of the specific requirements and preferences of shooters and gun owners.

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  • MadMarcus MadMarcus on Jan 25, 2024

    Note to self...get a takedown 10/22 to put is a cool Samson stock...

  • David Knuth David Knuth on Jan 26, 2024

    Could I get the B-TM stock setup for an actual Mini14? Asking for a friend who in no way loves it when a plan comes together.