[SHOT 2024] Nighthawk Shows New Pistols And Rifles

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Montana Heritage rifle

Nighthawk Custom, recognized for their high-end custom firearms, has released three new products at SHOT Show 2024: the Firehawk 10mm pistol, the ornately designed VIP Silver pistol, and the Montana Heritage rifle, the latter being a nod to their acquisition of Cooper Rifles.

Firehawk 10mm

The Firehawk 10mm is engineered to make handling the potent 10mm round more manageable with the inclusion of a compensator. This compensator is integrated into the overall design to provide a sleek look while reducing recoil and muzzle flip. The built-in Interchangeable Optic System is a notable feature, offering versatility for optics or sights attachment without hindering performance.

Nighthawk Firehawk 10mm
Despite its newly minted status, those interested in purchasing the Firehawk 10mm might need some patience as it comes with an 18-24 month backorder. The price point for this pistol is set at $4,799.
Nighthawk Firehawk 10mm
Product specs for the Firehawk 10mm:
  • Built-in compensator for recoil management
  • Standard Interchangeable Optic System
  • 18-24 month backorder
  • Price: $4,799
Nighthawk Firehawk 10mm

VIP Silver

Nighthawk VIP Silver

Shifting to the VIP Silver, this pistol exhibits a level of artisanship that captures the eye with its elaborate hand engraving. The uniqueness of the VIP Silver is further accentuated by its mammoth bark grips, giving it an exotic and luxurious appeal. Its standout feature, a 14-karat gold front sight, embodies the opulence that the VIP line is known for. The cost of owning such a fine firearm is $8,999.

Montana Heritage rifle

Montana Heritage rifle

Lastly, the Montana Heritage rifle, a new offering in Nighthawk’s line, is a special edition model created from the last batch of 350 receivers that retain the original “Made in Montana” marking. Showcasing a carbon fiber-wrapped barrel for enhanced accuracy and heat dissipation, this rifle is also fitted with bottom metal that is compatible with AICS-pattern magazines, a preferred choice for precision shooting.

Montana Heritage rifle

The rifle is available in two calibers: 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. The base model starts at $3,499, with the option to invest in higher grades of wood for an additional cost. As Nighthawk integrates Cooper Rifles into their umbrella, beginning operations in Arkansas, enthusiasts can anticipate new Cooper Rifles models arriving in 2025.

Montana Heritage rifle

Product specs for the Montana Heritage Rifle:
– Carbon fiber-wrapped barrel
– AICS-pattern magazine compatible bottom metal
– Available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester
– Base price: $3,499

Montana Heritage rifle
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  • River_rover River_rover on Jan 25, 2024

    Might as well have cut the Coopers up with a torch. Unless you can get some other bottom metal. These people never carried a rifle in the field.

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    • River_rover River_rover on Jan 25, 2024

      @Ranger Rick When I see some fool carrying his elk rifle by the scope because he needs a 10 round mag sticking out at the balance point. First I laugh, then I shun.

  • HLS30 HLS30 on Jan 25, 2024

    $3500 rifle, rings that look like they came from walmart.

    • Swx Swx on Jan 26, 2024

      @HLS30 Tally rings. High quality 100$+ set