[SHOT 2024] Black Talon Tactical's Drop-In AR Triggers

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Black Talon Tactical’s Drop In AR Triggers

At SHOT 2024, Black Talon Tactical introduced their latest range of drop-in triggers, intended for AR-15 pattern rifles. The company is expanding its offerings this year, focusing on a trio of adjustable triggers that have garnered attention for their precise calibration and user-centric design.

During the event, I had the opportunity to engage with Black Talon Tactical’s products firsthand. The triggers are meticulously calibrated to +/-1OZ, boasting a fully adjustable pull force. Adjustments can be made with an Allen wrench through a cutout in the lower receiver, a feature that simplifies customization for users.

Black Talon Tactical's Drop-In AR Triggers

Dave Wiese, an engineer with Black Talon Tactical, has developed the trigger technology that is currently patent pending. The innovation displayed in these triggers highlights the brand’s dedication to advancing firearm components. With ZERO Take Up, along with a remarkably short 0.5MM Break Travel and approximately 1.25MM MAX Over Travel, these triggers demonstrate Black Talon Tactical’s commitment to precision and efficiency.

Black Talon Tactical's Drop-In AR Triggers

Black Talon Tactical’s confidence in their product’s durability and performance is evident, as they offer a Lifetime Warranty on these new triggers. Customers can also choose from three distinct trigger shapes, allowing for further personalization to suit individual preferences.

Black Talon Tactical's Drop In AR Triggers

Product specs:

  • Calibrated to +/-1OZ
  • Fully Adjustable Pull Force
  • Adjustments can be made with an Allen wrench through a cutout in the lower receiver
  • Patent Pending technology developed by Dave Wiese
  • ZERO Take Up with 0.5MM Break Travel
  • About 1.25MM MAX Over Travel
  • Lifetime Warranty on their products
  • 3 Trigger shapes available
  • MSRP $179.99
Black Talon Tactical's Drop In AR Triggers

Looking ahead, Black Talon Tactical has announced plans to release a jig that will assist users in cutting an access hole into their lower receivers. This tool is aimed at facilitating on-the-go adjustments for a range of shooting activities.

Additionally, the company is in the process of obtaining their Federal Firearms License (FFL), which will enable them to sell lower receivers already equipped with their adjustable triggers targeting a price range of $250-290 for these lowers. Expectations are set for these lower receivers to hit the market by the second quarter of 2024.

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  • Scottie2 Scottie2 on Jan 24, 2024

    Nothing says "Shoot my dog" more than drilling a third hole in an AR receiver...

  • Azlefty Azlefty on Jan 24, 2024

    180 is not a budget trigger price so why are they using budget lowers to promote them.
    While I like the poverty pony lowers when I see them I think Mil spec or enhanced mil spec not mid range up