[SHOT 2024] An Easy Throw: Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receiver

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[SHOT 2024] An Easy Throw: Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receiver

At SHOT Show 2024, Canadian firm Pristine Technologies introduced their latest offering – the Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receiver. Built for precision rifle shooters and long-range hunters, this bolt action receiver puts a strong emphasis on reducing friction. Its short action is ‘cock on open’ with no cocking ramp, needing less than 4lbs of pressure to work the bolt. This ease of operation is made possible by the incorporation of Pristine’s Roller-Wheel Cocking Piece. This innovation includes a hardened steel roller which eliminates the friction otherwise caused by sliding the cocking piece up the cocking ramp.

At the core of the action is a 6-lug floating bolt head and an equivalent number of recoil lugs. These distribute the pressure generated by the firing of a cartridge over the largest possible surface area.

Taking into account the needs of PRS competitors, the action receiver is versatile as it’s a multi-caliber platform. Changing calibers can be done in less than 5 minutes. Its short action features bolt faces in .378, .473 and .445, offering a range of caliber options. As the product gets rolled out, Pristine has planned short action magnum and long action receivers.

The Pristine Custom Bolt Action receiver is CNC machined from one solid piece of pre-hardened 416 Stainless Steel. The bolt also features a Sako-style extractor and dual spring ejectors.

Costing between $1,299.00 and $1,379.00, the product’s pricing reflects its premium features and the level of precision in its design. Given the adaptable nature of this model, allowing interchangeable caliber usage, competitive shooters and hunters may find the investment worthwhile.

It’s clear that Pristine Technologies continues to carve its niche in the industry by offering uniquely designed, precision machined and highly efficient bolt action receivers. As it unveiled the new Pristine Custom Bolt Action Receiver at SHOT 2024, it reaffirmed its commitment to setting new benchmarks in the world of PRS competition, long-range shooting, and hunting.

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