Ruger 10/22: A 60th Birthday Means A New Commemorative-Edition Rifle

Zac K
by Zac K
The new Ruger 10/22 commemorative-edition rifle celebrates 60 years of this iconic design. (Ruger)

Ruger must be feeling in a festive mood these days. Fresh on the heels of two commemorative-edition 10/22 models celebrating the company’s 75th anniversary, we now see a 60th-anniversary edition of the 10/22 as it has its own big six-decade birthday. Officially, this is the Sixth Edition of the Ruger Collector’s Series.

Ruger @ TFB:

Of course, the action is the same familiar 10/22 blowback semi-auto design that we’ve all owned and/or shot at one point or another, chambered in .22 LR. The glam-job starts with an 18.5-inch stainless steel barrel with satin stainless finish and silver-finished receiver. Ruger put the rifle into a very modern-looking Magpul Hunter X-22 synthetic stock, with M-LOK slots making multiple options for sling and accessory attachment. The length of pull and comb height are both adjustable to fit the shooter. It’s a far cry from the 75th-anniversary rifles we just saw released, with their traditional wood stocks.

A very modern-looking take on the 10/22 formula, but with trusty iron sights still included. (Ruger)

The bolt is blackened and laser-engraved with an anniversary logo. The rifle also ships in a collector’s edition box and comes with a Sixth Edition Ruger Collector’s Series pin and street-style sign. Maybe you can hang that over your gun safe? Ruger says this rifle is an ideal point to start a collection, but if you want to do that, you’ll also have to find a place to keep all this extra gadgetry that comes with it.

A 10-round mag comes stock, along with that Picatinny rail, ghost ring rear sight and extended mag release. (Ruger)

Back to the important stuff. Ruger continues the theme of fancy-pants trim with a red bolt handle and trigger. The commemorative edition 10/22 also gets an extended mag release, a Picatinny rail, an adjustable ghost ring-style aperture sight in rear and a non-glare blade sight up front. There’s even a 1/2-28 threaded muzzle, should you want to attach accessories. From the factory, the commemorative-edition rifle comes with a flash suppressor attached at the business end of the barrel.

A 10-round flush-fit rotary magazine comes with the rifle.

Weight as shipped is a very manageable 5.7 pounds. Ruger’s asking price is a $639 MSRP; find more details on their website.

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  • Enufistoomuch Enufistoomuch on Jan 03, 2024

    Not very impressive. For a commemorative my preference is the original gun. The gun exactly as it was when I bought my Ruger 10/22 brand new for $49 at Jensen's in Tucson all those decades ago. Still have it, still shoots well in spite of being beat up from many miles of carrying it in rough country. Show me a new 10/22 with the same walnut stock and all metal parts, no plastic. That would impress me and tempt me to buy it.

  • Plumber576 Plumber576 on Jan 03, 2024

    The Commemorative edition we want to see is a 10/22 with a metal trigger group.