N8 Tactical Introduces the Versatile MultiFlex Holster

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
N8 Tactical Introduces the Versatile MultiFlex Holster

N8 Tactical have introduced their MultiFlex holster for compact and full-sized pistols. N8 Tactical say that the MultiFlex can be adjusted to fit over 275 pistols. The holsters have a number of adjustable retention points which ensure that the MultiFlex can integrate and reliably retain your firearm. MSRP on the N8 Tactical MultiFlex is $49.95.

N8 Tactical @ TFB:

N8 Tactical Introduces the Versatile MultiFlex Holster

Here’s N8 Tactical’s announcement in full:

N8 Tactical, an innovative holster company with a mission to provide quality products with superior comfort for all day, everyday carry, has developed the most adaptable holster ever to hit the market. Customizable to fit over 275 full-size and compact handguns and easily converted to IWB or OWB carry, the new N8 Tactical MultiFlex holster is ideally suited for a long day at the range or for your daily carry needs.

The MultiFlex is built around a two-piece holster design crafted from high-quality polypropylene for durability and light weight. It features a multi-point adjustment system that applies custom tension to the slide and individual tension adjustment to the bottom of the frame and the trigger guard. Combined with a suppressor height sight channel and an optic cut to accommodate red dot sights, the MultiFlex holster easily secures full-size and compact handguns for safe and secure carry.

What’s more, the MultiFlex can be worn three ways. The holster comes with removable belt loops, also made from sturdy polypropylene, for outside waistband carry. To convert to inside waistband carry, simply replace the belt loops with the included spring steel belt clips for covert concealed carry. Finally, the back of the MultiFlex can be fitted with any 1 ½-inch paddle for those who prefer a paddle holster design.

Regardless of the carry method, the MultiFlex holster is ergonomically designed with a 12-degree forward cant. This is the ideal position for most shooters, providing a perfect grasp and draw angle for easy access and quick engagement.

Find out more at N8Tactical.com.

Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss

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