This Mag Extension Adds Zero Rounds – The XTech MTX 365 +0

Luke C.
by Luke C.

It might seem like a joke at first but this new product from XTech is actually pretty handy for a few reasons. The XTech MTX+0 doesn’t add any ammunition to your standard 10-round factory magazines, but it does add grip length to make the gun a lot easier to shoot for those with larger hands. Previously the only way to get a better grip on a P365 was to get an aftermarket or factory X or XL frame. Now instead of spending hundreds on a new frame, you can add some grip length for just $15 with the new MTX 365 +0 Magazine Extension. The +0 means that these new mag extensions are 50-state legal.

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This Mag Extension Adds Zero Rounds – The XTech MTX 365 +0

XTech Tactical has expanded its magazine / grip extension product line for the Sig Sauer P365. The company is now offering its MTX 365 9mm for the Sig Sauer P365 as a +0 to complete the grip for users in all states. The kits offer the ideal ergonomic grip the MTX 365 offers while using the factory spring and follower. The kits are for use with the standard frame P365 10rd magazines.

Previously those in restricted states desiring a better grip on the P365 were forced to go with the larger frame of the Sig Sauer X/XL. Now with the MTX 365 +0 a user can choose the standard frame size and by simply switching a magazine can go from the ideal grip to ultra concealment.

True to form the company is also offering Free State Adaptor kits. These kits only ship to states/municipalities without magazine capacity restrictions above 10rds. In the case a state’s law changes or the user relocates the kit permits the user to go from a +0 to a +3 totally 13rds. The kits include the company’s extended spring, spring button and the company’s new Easy Load Follower.

This Mag Extension Adds Zero Rounds - The XTech MTX 365 +0

XTech will be selling both the MTX 365 +0 9mm magazine extensions as well as the Free State Adaptor kits for $14.95 and $4.95 respectively. In addition, you can also get a two-pack of the MTX 365 +0 magazine extensions for $24.95. For more information or to see a full list of magazine extension offerings from XTech you can visit

This Mag Extension Adds Zero Rounds - The XTech MTX 365 +0
Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Joe S Joe S on Dec 07, 2023

    People are going to jump to talk trash on it, but for the poor souls stuck in 10 round states and having a microcompact, this is a pretty solid buy.

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    • Beju Beju on Dec 07, 2023

      @Joe S This is certainly much cheaper than buying a P365X/XL grip frame and new 10 round P365X/XL mags.

  • MrLM002 MrLM002 on Dec 08, 2023

    I understand that this is made for 10 round states. That being said if I was going with a pistol that has a 10 round capacity but I wanted a longer grip I'd go with a thinner gun, not a longer magazine with no extra capacity.

    That being said I understand why someone would want to keep their very modular 365.

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    • MrLM002 MrLM002 on Dec 11, 2023

      @Xkavar Smith I understand that it's thin, but if it could be thinner with the same capacity and the same dimensions (other than thickness) would you not want the thinner gun for concealed carry?