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Matt E
by Matt E

Welcome back to another edition of Concealed Carry Corner. Last time, we talked about the most overlooked problems when carrying a concealed firearm. If you happened to miss that article, be sure to click the link here to take a look at it. This week, I wanted to take a closer look at three different people I know who carry concealed firearms but are drastically different from one another. Often times people think individuals who carry a concealed firearm are all the same but in reality, people can come from drastically different walks of life while still valuing their self-defense. Let’s take a closer look at some everyday carry examples.

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Looking at Different Carry Options

In the past, I have done a few different articles on my updated carry guns and what I personally carry and for what reason. That information can be useful for people just starting out to look at various areas but not everyone is the same. People come in all shapes and sizes so it’s never a bad idea to look at several different people to see how and what they carry daily. The most used carry gun of mine right now is the Glock 48 equipped with a Shield Arms 15-round magazine inside an ANR Design IWB claw holster. I typically carry a Benchmade Claymore auto knife as well as a surefire G3 LED handheld light and that’s about it. Different people carry different things so here’s a look at what guns some of my friends carry.

Marcee’s Daily Carry

One of my close friends is a female competitive shooter and head instructor at Conellow Tactics as well as Ballistic BOS. Marcee is one of the few people who lives and breathes shooting so naturally I thought she would be an excellent case study to look at what she carries. When asking about specifics, Marcee typically will carry. a standard P365XL in an appendix IWB holster as well as a small out-the-front pocket knife or a Kershaw flipper knife. She tries to keep it simple and carry what she needs on her body without carrying all the extra things.

For a flashlight or anything, she will carry those items in her purse almost like a secondary place for extra items or ammo. Anything that’s essential, Marcee believes those items should be on her body. One thing that surprised me for a smaller-built female is the fact that Marcee will typically carry a SIG P320 AXG Scorpion in an appendix holster. Having a compact-sized handgun that’s all metal construction isn’t the first choice for most women who concealed carry but with the proper belt and holster, Marcee says she feels confident concealing a larger handgun like that. Not all girls have to carry a small framed firearm to comfortably conceal it. Marcee proves women can carry firearms like the Glock 19 or similar-sized handguns without having to struggle given the proper attire and mindset.

Andy’s Daily Carry

One of my buddies named Andy has been carrying for just as long as me while being a similar age. Andy is an athletic Asian build and his favorite gun to carry is his customized Glock 19 done up by Jagerworks. He will typically carry his Glock 19 with a Trijicon RMR and a Streamlight TLR 1 in a T-REX Arms appendix holster. He has thrown in a threaded barrel and changed the slide color a few times but this same setup has stayed consistent throughout the 10+ years I have known him.

For other carry items, Andy usually carries a spare magazine with a +2 base pad along with an Emerson knife and handheld flashlight which could be looked at as excessive with his weapon light but if you can comfortably carry both it’s never a bad option. Andy is a good example to show how people who like to dress trendy can still carry everything without dressing tactical. He may carry a lot of gear, but with the right clothing choices, it doesn’t mean you have to only dress in tactical clothing.

BP’s Daily Carry

Another great friend to look at when it comes to carrying concealed has to be my buddy Brian or “BP” as we like to call him. BP is an average guy who drives a Dodge pickup truck and works as a painter. He isn’t fancy and lives a simple life when not with friends. Brian is the type of guy who carries 100% of the time no matter what and has two options he likes to carry. For everyday outings and carrying as a baselin he will carry a Glock 26 that he’s had for 20 years.

I’ve always thought it was interesting that he decided to stick with the chunky Glock 26 instead of going to a Glock 48 or 43X but he just seems to love how it shoots and the feel in his hand. If he’s going to dress up in a suit or wants to keep things as minimalistic as possible, he will often times carry a snubnose revolver in a paddle holster to keep things simple and usable across the board. BP is certainly someone who doesn’t need the latest and greatest when it comes to carry guns but rather found options that work for him and kept them for consistency year after year. I respect that he wants to carry the same thing because he knows exactly how he shoots them and wants to keep as many variables the same as possible.

Overall Thoughts

For this article, I really wanted to take a look at three very different people but have the idea that even though they are all different, they still carry a firearm along with some accessories on a daily basis. They may have different carry locations and different guns but they all have a priority to carry a concealed handgun in order to protect themselves. What do you guys think about these choices when it comes to firearms and gear? Do you think there are better options or is it helpful to see what other people like to carry on a regular basis? Let me know in the comments below. If you have questions about carrying concealed or firearms in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator, Stay safe out there and we will see you next week for another edition of Concealed Carry Corner.

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Matt E
Matt E

I'm an avid shooter and love educating whether it's at my job or in the shooting community. I'm an average joe that really loves talking with other people about firearms and other passions.I'm active on Instagram on @fridgeoperator.

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  • Jim Jim on Dec 06, 2023

    To me, the most important aspect of CCW is just to carry a handgun (any handgun) that you are comfortable and proficient with. Opinions are like assholes -- everybody has one. Choose what and how you CCW that fits YOUR preferences, not someone who is trying to sell a certain brand of weapon or holster. CCW is a very personal decision that you must decide for yourself what is best for you. Just like choosing your apparel or vehicles, pick something that fits you and your lifestyle. Your life and that of your family depends upon you making good decisions.

  • Disqus_PKNI83ItVC Disqus_PKNI83ItVC on Dec 06, 2023

    After carrying a full size 1911 for many years, I have switched to a Canik Rival Darkside, half the weight, twice the capacity , same nice trigger. OWB custom kydex holster keeps the gun at 2 O'clock with the butt tucked in nicely.