CZ Introduces the New Walnut Stock CZ 600 AMERICAN Rifle

Luke C.
by Luke C.

The CZ 600 rifle has been an extremely popular bolt-action addition to CZ’s lineup of firearms. CZ’s latest iteration of the popular bolt-action rifle is the new CZ 600 American which features American walnut stocks, user-adjustable triggers, thin profile cold hammer forged barrels, and CZ’s unique bolt system that helps ensure reliable feeding even during hasty cycling.

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CZ Introduces the New Walnut Stock CZ 600 AMERICAN Rifle

Kansas City, KS – The CZ 600 AMERICAN is a modern, American-style bolt-action centerfire rifle that’s equipped with a beautifully crafted Turkish walnut stock with a fleur-de-lis on the grip. Available in a wide range of calibers, from .223 Rem to .300 Win Mag, it is ready to meet the needs of a wide range of hunters and sport shooters.

The CZ 600 AMERICAN centerfire rifle is equipped with a thin profile and cold hammer forged barrel. The single-stage trigger features smooth operation and easy user adjustment of pull weight. A locking five-round magazine allows for quick changeovers from fixed to removable operation and vice versa. Like most centerfire rifles in the CZ 600 series, the CZ 600 AMERICAN features a patented vertical safety with intuitive and virtually noiseless, operation. The bolt can be removed by pressing a spring-loaded button on the right side of the receiver without having to disengage the safety and manipulate the trigger. The controlled feed system with short extractor ensures reliable delivery of cartridges in any position, even during rapid reloads.

The new CZ 600 American rifle will come standard with a detachable 4 or 3-round magazine depending on the caliber selected, a 24 or 20-inch barrel, and optics-ready (meaning you’ll have to furnish your own). The price begins at $849 for the American and $1,499 for the American High Grade rifle. For more info, you can visit

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  • Predrag djuric Predrag djuric on Nov 21, 2023

    A pretty interesting rifle.

  • John John on Nov 22, 2023

    As a southpaw who, for that reason, has never owned a bolt gun, I see something in this that others might not. When CZ dumped their Mauser-style actions for this push feed, following in the footsteps of Ruger and others (Ruger still offers a range of Hawkeyes, but not as many as they once did), it tells me the sun is setting on the bolt action rifle, largely due to economics. Its last real advantage, the powerful camming action on extraction of the CRF actions, is now gone. Autos and levers are faster, don't give up any significant amount of accuracy, and are increasingly available in serious hunting calibers. The bolt action isn't going to vanish, but I think that by the end of the decade, there will be more MSR's in hunting camps than bolt guns. It is a pretty rifle, however.

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    • Uncle Yar Uncle Yar on Nov 27, 2023

      @Andy Let me guess. A controlled round feed with an extractor that can handle direct chamber loading, much like the Lee Enfield.