Introducing the DISSIDENT Mk2 from Munitionworks

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Munitionworks recently announced the release of the J.O.E. Carbine Mk2 rifle. The Mk2 series is intended to be a logical improvement over the previous offerings with new thermal fit uppers, better parts selection, and the same great affordable pricing paired with the quality control that Munitionworks offers. Today they’ve announced the introduction of the new DISSIDENT Mk2 rifle, which is a more premium option over the J.O.E. Carbine that features similar improvements made to the line based on customer feedback.

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Introducing the DISSIDENT Mk2 from Munitionworks


The DISSIDENT™ MK2 is our flagship model. We have learned a lot since opening shop in the heat of 2020. For 2023, it has received a suite of tasteful upgrades based on customer feedback and in-house testing to deliver improved performance while maintaining a competitive value proposition in comparison to other offerings on the market. On a broad scope, the updated DISSIDENT™ MK2 is a fantastic turn-key solution for discerning shooters looking for a solid General Purpose Rifle (GPR). It comes packed with the components and features that you would generally be adding to another off-the-rack rifle to save you time, money, and precious space in your spare parts bin.

Available in both 16” and 14.5” pin/weld variants.

The dissident is of course available with many options right from the shop, including your choice of finish, barrel, gas block, suppressor tuning, muzzle device, and furniture. Each rifle is built to order based on your preferences and takes a couple of weeks to produce but you can be satisfied that you’ll be getting a properly assembled rifle with great components that you don’t have to tinker with on your own. For more information on both the DISSIDENT Mk2 and J.O.E. Carbine Mk2, you can visit

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Uri Predrag Uri Predrag on Nov 16, 2023

    An interesting rifle.

  • James Wilson James Wilson on Nov 17, 2023

    The new VKTR holds a bit more interest vs this, but I'm glad to see more manufacturers doing thermal fit uppers.

    • Andrew Andrew on Nov 19, 2023

      @James Wilson That’s cool and all, but I’m not convinced of the benefit with this sort of rifle.