New Mobilis Modular Safes and Welded Gun Cabinets from Hornady

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
New Mobilis Modular Safes and Welded Gun Cabinets from Hornady

Hornady’s new 2024 releases are not limited to cartridges, bullets, and ammunition. There are also new additions to the range of gun storage options. The Mobilis series of safes are modular and available in various sizes. Also new is a range of welded gun cabinets in varying sizes.

Hornady @ TFB:

Hornady has three new models of Mobilis safes:

  • Single Door, MSRP $2,855.99
  • Double Door, MSRP $4,648.99
  • Double Door MAX $6,319.99

Unlike traditional safes, the Mobilis family is modular. They can be disassembled and moved piece-by-piece, which is much easier than moving the safe as a complete unit. All models feature a built-in 120-volt power outlet and electronic keypad. Home delivery is also included with the purchase. Hornady outfits the Mobilis safes with the Square-Lok organization system for compatibility with a wide range of accessories.

The welded gun cabinets are an affordable security option for those who do not need a full gun safe. Hornady will offer three sizes:

  • 8-gun, MSRP $197.99
  • 10-gun, MSRP $223.99
  • 12-gun, MSRP $265.99

All three models are 53 inches tall and include PVC-coated gun racks.

From the manufacturer:

Elevate your security game today with Hornady Security® Mobilis™ Safes – where innovation meets uncompromising protection.

Discover the ultimate solution for safeguarding your valuable firearms, ammo and gear with the revolutionary Hornady Security® Mobilis™ Safes. These safes offer an innovative modular design that ensures you get the security you need without the complexities of traditional welded safes. Gone are the days of struggling with moving companies or installers – the Mobilis™ Safes can be transported and assembled piece by piece in any room of your choice. The included tool kit provides everything required for assembly, giving you the power to set up your safe in a matter of minutes.

All images from Hornady.

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Uncle Yar Uncle Yar on Nov 13, 2023

    Whatever you do, never get electronic locks for gun safes.

    Remember the whole Liberty Safe scandal thing? It's as bad as y'all remembered it, but know this. The backdoor was designed by the electronic lock OEM. Liberty couldn't do a thing if the lock was mechanical and you scrambled the code to your own.

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    • Aerodawg Aerodawg on Nov 14, 2023

      @Mystick yep. thats also why you need layered security. a safe thats X hours for entry and monitoring and alarms that ensure someone gets there to stop it at X-Y hours....

  • Biff Biff on Nov 13, 2023

    They have been building modular safes for years. I bought my first Z2 about 17 years ago when I lived in an apartment and have since added a second last year. I’ve been very happy with them.