TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #92: What the Heck is a Thermal Fit Upper? w/ Munitionworks

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Today’s guest is one that followers of our YouTube channel should at least be familiar with – Munitionworks. Munitionworks is a boutique firearm producer specializing in “best bang for your buck” rifles featuring solid core components, and peripheral components you can swap out later on as your build progresses. What this does is provide customers with limited access to tools and workspace to have a solid working rifle that can be progressively updated as time and money allow. The J.O.E. Carbine MK2 is just the latest progression of the Munitionworks carbine, using unique techniques like thermal barrel fitting to improve consistency across the board and maximize the potential of the components being used in each rifle. Today our guest Dane, the owner of Munitionworks, has quite an interesting story as to how he decided to start up Munitionworks, and his journey thus far complete with his successes and learning moments.

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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #92: What the Heck is a Thermal Fit Upper? w/ Munitionworks

On today’s episode of TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast, I’ve brought on the owner and operator of Munitionworks, Dane, to talk a bit about his company. When it comes to AR-15 rifles, most of us aren’t really looking to reinvent the wheel, and I think that goes the same for Dane. Dane and Munitionworks strive to give their customers access to the best available parts, for the lowest available price. As a result, one of Munitionworks’ first rifles was the J.O.E. (Just your Ordinary, Everyday) Carbine, a simple carbine-length rifle with good core components that the “average joe” could then take and spice up with their own flavor and preference of aftermarket parts. Today Dane and I will discuss his origins in the firearms world, how he came to start up Munitionworks, and give a detailed breakdown of a couple of his rifles, as well as a deep look into a unique barrel-fitting technique he uses – Thermal Fitting. Please welcome Dane from Munitionworks to the show!

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    Let me cut to the chase for those with too many better things to do than listen to the podcast. It's a marketing gimmick.

  • Rogue Male Rogue Male on Nov 10, 2023

    "What the Heck is a Thermal Fit Upper?" Marketing.