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by Eric B

German GunWorks is at it again! This time the project is a Heckler & Koch MR223A3C in Flecktarn Nacht. As many of you will know, Flecktarn (German pronunciation: [ˈflɛktaʁn]) is the official camouflage pattern of the “Bundeswehr” (German Army). Nacht means night in German, so we’re looking at a sort of MultiCam Black, but in a German interpretation. The MR223 A3C comes with an 11″ barrel length, and has undergone several hours of customization and the replacement parts list is extreme – passing beyond 6,500 €.

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Heckler & Koch MR223A3C in Flecktarn Nacht

Below you can find them describe their interesting project, including the background, a detailed parts list and pricing.

GermanGunWorks Benchmark HK MR223 A3C – Flecktarn Nacht

The Benchmark HK MR223 A3C from GermanGunWorks claims to set a standard in its class. This semi-automatic is manufactured with intensive labor and excellent craftsmanship, with a focus on the highest quality and performance. The production of the Benchmark series is limited exclusively to small batches of up to 10 pieces. This is due to the immense labor and time required, as well as the uncertain legal situation regarding future approvals for such semi-automatics in Germany. Therefore, these exquisite weapons are made to order only.

The basis for this weapon model was a Heckler & Koch MR223A3 with an 11-inch barrel. This is because the MR223 is considered a technical benchmark in this segment. The goal was to make the weapon as compact and handy as possible. Thus, the overall length was reduced to the permissible length of 61 cm using a full-metal sliding stock. The muzzle brake was replaced with an HK muzzle brake with a Rotex interface. Special attention was paid to the durability when choosing the suppressor, which is why the B&T AG Rotex V was chosen. It is made of Iconel/Thermax and can withstand rapid firing sequences over longer periods. It not only reduces the shot noise but also minimizes the muzzle flash, compensates for the range of the short barrel due to pressure retention, and increases precision.

Another highlight is the adjustable gas system with five adjustable modes, with which the weapon can be set for all operation scenarios. In addition, the standard trigger, which has a high trigger weight of over 3000g, was replaced with a WPNTEC trigger. This offers an adjustable weight between 1200g and 2750g and can be adapted in other relevant features to the user. Particularly noteworthy is the decision to use the reliable and proven EOTech EXPS 3-0 as the main sight, supported by the ERATAC Flip-Up Sight, which was designed as a Back-Up-Sight at a 45° angle.

For maximum handling when carrying, the Magpul MS3 Gen2 Sling was adapted, which can be used as both a 1-point and 2-point sling.

Additionally, they offer the Max-Grip option for the grip, foregrip, and fire selector lever. This was manually stippled to provide maximum grip. However, as this has both advantages and disadvantages, it is an upgrade upon request.

The Cerakote finish with the high-quality ceramic paint is one of the greatest highlights. GermanGunWorks paints with the more elaborate but also better H-series. This is an oven-drying 2-component paint, the processing of which is much more difficult than the air-drying C-series from the manufacturer.

In this process, their own color mixes like RAL7013 (Brown-gray / Austrian Army Olive) were used, which do not exist like this from Cerakote. The quality of the finish is crucial, and GermanGunWorks does an excellent job. All parts were individually pre-treated and degreased, blasted with specially suited granules, painted to the highest standard, and post-processed. This results in a perfect finish where all the properties of the ceramic paint can come into play – while there are many providers, those who can do it right are rare.

In summary, the Benchmark MR223A3C is a harmoniously tuned weapon system that has been refined through precise craftsmanship and experience. Each weapon requires about 15 additional working hours for revision.

The system includes:

  • HK MR223A3 LL 11″ (painted in Cerakote Flecktarn Night)
  • B&T Suppressor (painted in Cerakote Flecktarn Night)
  • Retractable stock (painted in Cerakote Flecktarn Night)
  • WPNTEC trigger
  • EOTech EXP 3-0 (Guard in Cerakote Flecktarn Night)
  • Adjustable gas system
  • HK Rotex muzzle brake
  • ERATAC rear and front sights set at a 45° angle as emergency sights
  • Magpul MIAD Grip (painted in Cerakote RAL7013)
  • Magpul Angled Foregrip (painted in Cerakote RAL7013)
  • HK ejection port (painted in Cerakote RAL7013)
  • HK fire selector lever (painted in RAL7013)
  • HK sling mount on both sides
  • Magpul MS3 Sling (Olive Green)
  • Cerakote ceramic paint special finish
  • Laser engraving of the original markings
  • Liqui Moly lubricant
  • HK 10-round steel magazine
  • HK gun case
  • Limited to 10 pieces

Note: Not shown are the gun case, the 10-round steel magazine, and the sling. Not included is the 30-round magazine; the weapon is delivered with a 10-round HK steel magazine.

In terms of price, this fine piece can be considered attractive. Since the basic components already crack the 6,500 € mark without processing and the considerable effort in finishing. The price is set at around 9,500 €. This price includes 19% German VAT.

For those looking for the very best, who recognize quality and individuality, the GermanGunWorks Benchmark HK MR223 A3C in Flecktarn Nacht is the weapon of choice. It is not just a gun – it is an experience of quality and performance.

German GunWorks have been in the business for a long time. Here’s a project from 2013 vs 2023.

Find out more at: https://germangunworks.com/

What do you think of the Benchmark Heckler & Koch MR223A3C Flecktarn Nacht project?

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Eric B

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  • MediumSizeTex MediumSizeTex on Nov 03, 2023

    5.56 out of an 11" barrel shall be forever ridiculous, but I do believe this is the first camo application on a firearm (aside from All Dirty Snow White) that I've ever seen which doesn't look like hot garbage and/or cold excrement.

  • T243 T243 on Nov 03, 2023

    GermanGunWorks is a meme made by initial Airsofters, who flinch in their 2013 Video when shooting the MR223/HK416.
    No one here takes them seriously, and as far as I know the sole reason why they exist is due to running an Optics Store generating income so they can invest it in other projects of theirs. BTW they are pretty expensive and the last optic store I buy from. Asked them for my SPUHR, which was cheaper at SPUHR ... Asked them for some EXPS3, which they happily offered for close to 900€.

    BTW: There is no Flecktarn Nacht, and Flecktarn overall is not a too great of a camo (yes, it does work pretty nice in dark forests) and disliked by german forces a lot. Only foreigns hype it so hard. But the paintjob looks more decent now than the other used-look one.